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Internet Guru at Carpe Diem Productions
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Internet Guru at Carpe Diem Productions.
Passionate about technology and the Internet. Also have a great love for film and enjoy watching the classics and interesting films. Follow @goMobiSA on Twitter.
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Mobile Ubuntu - a Unix powered smartphone

Mark Shuttleworth, South African IT millionaire and Open Source Champion recently announced and demonstrated the planned release of the Linux-based Ubuntu operating system (OS) for smartphones. The Canonical boss revealed that future devices will not only run the new mobile OS, but will also boot the desktop variant of Ubuntu when docked to a keyboard, mouse and monitor. This would mean that you will literally be able to use your phone to power your PC.

By Lex Faure 21 Jan 2013

Smartphones surpass the billion mark

According to Gartner, there are over one billion smartphones in the world. This is certainly a very large number of internet enabled, multi-function phones, and means that in theory, one in six people on the planet uses a smartphone.

By Lex Faure 3 Dec 2012

Windows 8 - mobile alternative?

Microsoft has committed a very large chunk of its development budget to make Windows 8 the product which will firmly establish Microsoft as a dominant player in the computer and mobile market.

By Lex Faure 14 Nov 2012

Apple: from icon to product

With the bumpy launch of the iPhone 5, and the underwhelming response to the new Apple iPad mini, attention has again been drawn to difference between Apple the brand and Apple the icon.

By Lex Faure 1 Nov 2012

Mobile - the technology tsunami

No other development in the history of the world has caused so much change, in such a short time period, as the explosive growth of the mobile phone in general, and the smart phone in particular.

By Lex Faure 28 Oct 2012

Cellular tyranny

Do you know any person, over 20 and under 65, and not totally incapacitated, who does not own or does not have access to a mobile phone?

By Lex Faure 26 Oct 2012

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