Jodene Shaer

Owner: Director of Strategy at Chat Factory Social Online Agency
Location:Johannesburg, South Africa


Co-Owner: Director of Strategy at Chat Factory Social Online Agency, focusing on community & engagement management, social media publicity & Online influencer management.
Co-Owner: Life Achievement Facilitator at Lifeology, focusing on people development through talks, workshops & online assistance.
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Current employment

Owner: Director of Strategy
Chat Factory Social Online Agency -
Present - Johannesburg
I have been self employed since 1999 and opened 4 businesses within that time. Two have been sold since I discovered my skills and passion for social media.


Social Media Marketing, Online & social media, Social Media Strategist, Online engagement specialist, Social Media Publicist, Online Influencer Coordinator, Social Media Training, blogger, People Development, Motivational speaker


Year completed:1992
Education level:Certificate
Final year subjects:Personal Assistant subjects including typing, shorthand and business skills
Institution:Kelly Greenoaks Secretarial College
Location:Johannesburg, South Africa
The human era of marketing

Clean-up in the marketing aisle! Social media has swiped its hand across B2B and B2C and left marketing in disarray. Watch your step, because H2H is demanding shelf space...

By Jodene Shaer 17 Feb 2017

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