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Jerome Mouton

Creative Director at 34 South Media
Location:Western Cape, South Africa


    34 South Media is a video content agency who specializes in producing branded content. We focuses on several key aspects of YouTube Marketing, the creation of engaging content, advertising campaigns and channel management. Since our inception we have created a wide spread of productions for Mnet. Contact jerome on
    YouTube: Think like a broadcaster and get content-smart

    The latest YouTube SA stats indicate that the internet video platform now has an average of four million playbacks per day, and yet it remains a largely untapped vehicle for South African marketers. As an online social medium, YouTube enables brands to reach more people, more consistently, for a longer period (and at a fraction of the cost) than the traditional advertising model permits.

    By Jerome Mouton 2 Sep 2013 11:30

    YouTube: Why you need a distribution strategy

    So your YouTube channel is finally up and running, but after several months the average viewership is distressingly low. Any movie without a distribution strategy will crash and burn, its no different online.

    By Jerome Mouton 15 Jul 2013 09:41

    Kings of Social Video

    The first Goviral Social Video Equity Report lists the Top 100 brands in branded content in 2012. The report looks at how online video is being used by global brands as part of their marketing strategy.

    By Jerome Mouton 4 Dec 2012 13:07

    Does online video form part of your content strategy?

    The world is now flooded with screens, and those screens call for video. With lines blurring between entertainment and advertising, the online video boom offers excellent opportunities for brands to capitalise on this burgeoning trend.

    By Jerome Mouton 5 Nov 2012 10:43

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