Janine Lloyd has been in the PR and marketing communications industry for 25 years, and now heads up Greater Than Johannesburg as managing director. In her career she has advised over 50 local and global businesses on PR and communications, as well as profiling for CEOs, executives and leaders. Janine is also a regular conference speaker on crises communications, reputation management and digital strategy, and is a qualified life, business and executive coach.
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How to engage with media in the digital world

I presented a talk at the STC Media and PR Conference today about successfully engaging with modern media. Here are the highlights:

By Janine Lloyd 6 Feb 2014

PR agencies to play catch-up in the digital space

There's no doubt that PR agencies were slow on the uptake when the digital revolution took off.

By Janine Lloyd 21 Sep 2013

Are we relying on media lists at the expense of the relationship?

There was a time when the bulk of a PR professional's time was spent on building and nurturing media relationships.

By Janine Lloyd 20 Sep 2013

Is your target audience using social media?

Time and again I hear people saying "you have to be in social media" or "if you are not embracing social media you will be left behind".

By Janine Lloyd 4 Jun 2013

Content is at the heart of great PR

At the heart of any great public relations and communications strategy is the creation of great content and loads of it.

By Janine Lloyd 3 Jun 2013

Eight ways to rejuvenate your 2013 in PR

2012 has come and gone as quickly as the New Year has begun. Now it's time to rejuvenate your agency and public relations campaigns with new thinking, re-invention and innovation. Reflecting on 2012 there are many case studies and examples of great PR campaigns, but there are also many mistakes which took place, particularly in the social media space.

By Janine Lloyd 10 Jan 2013

Copyright infringements with Pinterest

The rise of interest in Pinterest also bring with it questions about copyright, as the era of social networking has changed the way we interact, consume media, advertise and express ourselves.

By Janine Lloyd 12 Jul 2012

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