Janice Spark

Managing partner at Idea Engineers
Location:Johannesburg, South Africa


Janice Spark is a managing partner at advertising and PR agency Idea Engineers (Facebook; @ideaengineerssa). Spark, a founding member of Idea Engineers, has directed the marketing efforts of leading global organisations for over 20 years. Contact Janice via tel +27 (0)11 803 0030, email and follow her on Twitter at @janicespark.
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[2013 trends] From data to honesty, it's getting personal

South Africa is a complicated place - each year outdoes the last in the 'magnitude of change' stakes. And we just know this year will deliver even more surprises. Nonetheless, important trends appeared across the brandscape during 2012. Here I explore the key brand moments of the year just passed, and take a peek at what might be ahead.

By Janice Spark 25 Jan 2013

[2012 trends] A ratcheting up of existing trends

Looking forward, we can expect a ratcheting up of existing trends throughout 2012. Whether you're a politician, an executive or a consumer, the odds are strong you're going to need to hang firmly onto your hat.

By Janice Spark 20 Jan 2012

[2011 trends] PR: adapting to change

The public relations industry, much like other parts of the economy, is going through massive changes, brought about by rapid and continuous evolution in communications technologies. PR professionals are under pressure to keep pace with the changing ways that people are communicating and with adapting their business models to the quick pace of change in a world where information flows faster than ever before.

By Janice Spark 20 Jan 2011

[2011 trends] A year of hard work for brands

If 2010 could be summed up as soccer, vuvuzelas and national pride, 2011 will be all about the hard work of restoring the economy to sustainable growth, paying attention to environmental concerns and mastering the technologies that are changing the world. Here are a few trends to watch in 2011.

By Janice Spark 17 Jan 2011

Marrying brand promise and delivery

Brand strength is often quantified in terms of the customer's perceptions of, and attitudes towards, a company - the closer the customer experience is to the 'brand promise', the stronger the brand. And strong brands enjoy long term customer loyalty, top line growth and increased shareholder value.

By Janice Spark 27 Oct 2005

The brand is the business

The biggest issue facing marketers today is not integration, synergizing channels, or driving a 360° marketing campaign, but rather, having a brand-led business.

By Janice Spark 16 Apr 2003


Why is Coca Cola the world's most valuable brand? What can Marmite teach you about marketing? What are the secrets held by the world's greatest brands? How can they use them to improve your business?

By Janice Spark 9 Dec 2002

Branding tech - Lessons from brand leaders

Brand leaders have evolved from a tactical and reactive approach to a strategic and visionary approach when it comes to branding, and lessons can be drawn that can help technology companies build better brands and achieve their business goals.

By Janice Spark 5 Dec 2002

The Come Back Kids

Come Today. Come Tomorrow. They'll be with us. Today. Tomorrow. Together. Janice Spark of Idea Engineers looks at ABSA's come back trail.

By Janice Spark 20 Nov 2002

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