Maposa is the founder and managing director of Birguid, a research and advisory company. Maposa has 15 years work experience, mostly spent in research and strategy consulting. Maposa is passionate about socio-economic development, business growth and continuity.
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Creating a new, inclusive wealth system based on Africa's continental context

Our continent has a significant amount of untapped wealth which we continue to overlook and oversee because we're always chasing short-term gratification over a longer-term and more inclusive approach to creating wealth...

By James Maposa 8 Oct 2018

Responsiveness, the only way to go for future-fit brands

It's hard for brands to rely on their legacy because modern-day consumers are more open to trying new things. They have access to more information and this has led them to being more empowered and taking on more risks like trying new products...

By James Maposa 26 Apr 2018

Why branding really matters

Building strong brands is a long-term process that requires a lot of thought and planning from a future-fit standpoint...

By James Maposa 22 Nov 2017

The trouble with branding things African

I have often heard people describe products and services coming out of our continent as African, such as African attire, African cuisine, African print and so on...

By James Maposa 15 Mar 2017

Consider partnering to progress your business

Entering into a partnership isn't that simple. Think of entering into a partnership like getting married. You need to know your partner very well, including their track record, client references, skills, expertise and experience...

By James Maposa 25 Jan 2017

The journey to obtaining your business' effort-return equilibrium

For most entrepreneurs, starting a new business is like an uphill skate. You dig your deepest, grit your teeth, flex all of your propulsion muscles and give your sled the biggest push your body can make...

By James Maposa 22 Dec 2016

Leverage that network to get ahead

Interesting thing about Africa today is that there's a lot of us out there who are now educated. This implies that one can no longer differentiate oneself through education...

By James Maposa 15 Dec 2016

Developing a brand strategy

After crafting some form of customer strategy, you have a sound idea of how you want your company to interact with its potential customer base...

By James Maposa 29 Nov 2016

Invest in personal brand building for both you and the greater good

In a world where personal competition has greatly improved, significant investment must be committed to building your own personal brand...

By James Maposa 23 Nov 2016

Leveraging personal brand to build your company's brand

Building a personal brand is a lot of hard work based on competition being at its most intense...

By James Maposa 17 Nov 2016

Community support critical to driving African entrepreneurship

A while back, I attended my brother and his partner's launch of their urban wear store. The event was an intimate affair, but it echoed an important message, the importance of community in entrepreneurship...

By James Maposa 10 Nov 2016

Steps to effective customer experience management

In markets where product and service differentiation continues to narrow down, a customer-centred approach takes centre stage...

By James Maposa 5 Aug 2015

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