With over 25 years experience in the media industry, Gordon Patterson is MD of Starcom and an active and outspoken media professional well-known for his passion for insight/strategy and creativity. He is currently deputy president of the ABC and a past chairman and active member of the Advertising Media Forum (AMF). Contact him on tel +27 (0)11 235 4159 or email him on .
TMG announcement - a breath of fresh air

What a breath of fresh air, a bold and confident statement, that the Times Media Group's (TMG) rate setting for 2013 would be based on the Advertising Media Forum (AMF) definition of core circulation. This will send a clear message to advertisers that TMG not only means business but will commit to a partnership of shared responsibility and reward.

By Gordon Patterson 23 Nov 2012

[2009 trends] Instant reward, absolute transparency...

Rather than life getting simpler, it's really becoming more complicated and people seem to be getting older younger and then younger older! Looking back, it's simple to see why trend predictions are often off track or, worse, grossly misleading.

By Gordon Patterson 14 Jan 2009

Keeping radio on the right frequency

Despite fragmentation, the radio medium remains unchallenged in its ability to deliver reach across all socio-economic groups. And, its ability to create exposure throughout the day is equally unchallenged by all but the cellular medium. Nevertheless, in our rapidly changing media environment, radio needs to focus on its strengths and face up to the challenges of new media if wants to remain switched on in the future.

By Gordon Patterson 25 Jul 2007

Patterson reflects on judging Cannes

On 13 June 2007, some 25 media and communication experts from around the world descended on the small French seaside town of Cannes for the 54th Cannes Media Lions. There was a sense of mounting overwhelming change and an urgency to recognise media insights and strategies that would inspire.

By Gordon Patterson 21 Jun 2007

Technology changes consumers' behaviours

In the US, European and Asian markets, consumers' relationships with new technologies are changing rapidly, as are their behaviours and expectations. Here are some thoughts on what South Africa can expect from this global trend.

By Gordon Patterson 7 May 2007

Patterson proposes transfer fees for interns

Over the past few years a great deal of effort has gone into the training of young people to fuel the growth and transformation of our business, but at best, this effort has returned marginal improvement. One possible solution for consideration is based on the UK soccer model, where teams pay transfer fees for talented players.

By Gordon Patterson 30 Jan 2007

SABC RIP... Rest in Pieces

If this is the best strategic thinking / vision the SABC has to offer then its competitors can start working a three-day week! It's clear that SABC understand the challenge facing them as I think they've captured it succinctly in the first paragraph, sadly though, this is the first and last utterances of common sense in their statement [last week].

By Gordon Patterson 25 Apr 2006

Over-estimate the DVR, under-estimate the cost

There has been a short-term over-estimation of the impact of Digital Viewing Recorders (DVR) and a long-term under-estimation, and that seems to be the general feeling around the world.

By Gordon Patterson 30 Jan 2006

Nova not a star

Nova, 'a new world a new paper', targets 25-39-year-old professionals, who are well educated, brand conscious and trendy. Termed COOLS, this audience is career orientated, on-line, out of time, living life to the full, and doing it in style.

By Gordon Patterson 12 Oct 2005

Brain beats brawn with DARs

With television accounting for 40% of adspend, the imminent arrival of Day After Ratings (DARs) in South Africa will change the entire advertising industry. Technology has redefined the advertising model and the future is incredibly exciting.

By Gordon Patterson 24 Aug 2005

Gone in 30 seconds... do TV ads still work?

According to a recent Newsweek article, changing technology and viewing habits are replacing the old TV spot with longer (and shorter) ad forms. The 30 second TV commercial is under siege in the United States, the heart of TV-land. Prime time ratings are down and viewers are increasingly inattentive when they do watch. A similar pattern is emerging in South Africa.

By Gordon Patterson 10 Aug 2004

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