Gavin Mills is the MD of Don't Forget George Events, (, a specialist event production and communications company launched in 1998. He is as passionate about life as he is about his business, and believes it is up to voices of reason in a turbulent world, to help craft our future, not just accept it. Contact Gavin on tel +27 (0)11 791 3308, email and follow @Gavinmills on Twitter.
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[2014 trends] Trends SA - La Vida Loca

As we grit our teeth and surge into the wide open spaces of a brand new year, it wouldn't hurt to have a last glance back - and indeed, the past year will influence the way living and life play out in 2014 and beyond...

By Gavin Mills 28 Jan 2014

Human Rights Day - Judgement Day?

Human Rights Day has come again and gone, and got me thinking: If aliens ever came to Earth, who would we choose to meet them? Who would be the best representative of humanity - and of all life on Earth.

By Gavin Mills 30 Mar 2013

'Consumer centricity' and raids of grey

How fortunate we are to live in high-tech times. Every bit of information that has ever existed, swelling exponentially second by second, available to anyone, anywhere at any time, right at your fingertips.

By Gavin Mills 21 Feb 2013

Experience counts

Sometimes we become very arrogant, creating experiences. The holy grail of our trade is 'behaviour change', but when familiarity breeds contempt, how easy it is to trade focus for superficial flash and butt-kissing brownie points.

By Gavin Mills 21 Jan 2013

Let's face(book) it

How marvelous, the wonderful world of online... And how ironic that virtual society is evolving along the same lines as social behaviour in the real world.

By Gavin Mills 13 Jan 2013

Effective activation: converting of minds and moods

Wouldn't it be wonderful if activation were as simple as it sounded... Get out there, shake your rattle, and roll in shekels. But, as many have learnt the hard way, that's not how it rolls no more...

By Gavin Mills 23 Oct 2012

Spinning out - under the influence of spin

The problems facing us today in South Africa are present and real, but for me, the real danger is all the spin... The propaganda, political correctness, politeness, passiveness, acceptance, self-denial - and the resultant mute response to issues screaming for attention.

By Gavin Mills 5 Jun 2012

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