Estee Cockcroft

Business Unit Manager at Boomtown
Location:South Africa


Estee Cockcroft is Business Unit Manager at Boomtown.
Share of pocket: brand adaption for the mass market

According to, Africa is changing. While westernisation dominated the 90s, today the African millennial wants local products by local companies...

By Estee Cockcroft, Issued by Boomtown 8 Sep 2017

New packaging trends reflect environment, recessionary impacts

With the consumer making more in-store product comparisons, adding value and differentiating through packaging has become more pertinent than ever...

By Estee Cockcroft 25 Sep 2014

Memes in modern branding

From performing a nek nomination or the evolved RAK nomination, to being pulled into a company Harlem Shake we have all been exposed to memes in our daily lives, whether we are aware of them or not.

By Estee Cockcroft 3 Jul 2014

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