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Service: two wrong feet and ugly shoes

What a swirl of service-siren crazy we've been treated to. Not the mad kind, the good kind - and finally! Because service is bollocks in South Africa and peeps be getting tired of having to lick their own...

By Dylan Balkind 19 Nov 2014

Vacancy: Host - Loeries 2014

A deep sadness fills me as I write this Dear Jonathan to the advertising industry, announcing my withdrawal as host of the Loerie Awards 2014 in Cape Town... (video)

By Dylan Balkind 11 Sep 2014

Has Justine landed yet?

Social media shared its maleficent side with - among endless other examples no doubt - one Justine Sacco, who got roasted when she implied that she is AIDS-immune - because she is white...

By Dylan Balkind 7 Aug 2014

When viral becomes virus

It takes generational armies of talented writers, designers, skilled strategists and hungry researchers to build a brand - and one hasty idiot and their internet connection with the capacity to destroy it.

By Dylan Balkind 26 Mar 2014

Whose trend is it anyway?

So, January is only just over and the fridge light has already shone shame on your resolution quitter-face. But you're not alone and you know this because the chatter on the trip for double chocolate chip fudge brownies is now taken up by the third best thing to discuss among industry mates: trends. (video)

By Dylan Balkind 11 Feb 2014

Content marketing: What could possibly go wrong?

If you've heard the term 'Content Marketing Matters Most' and felt your jaw slack with the lack of enthusiasm, you are not alone. If you felt this way because of how this content generally inundates your day and leaves you overcome with an acute case of the discombobulations - you are not alone.

By Dylan Balkind 27 Nov 2013

Social media making you sick?

We at Help For Hemorrhoids hope you're sitting happy in the traffic. Like our page and tell us about the worst sit-in you've ever sat-in. This is not social media. This is stupid.

By Dylan Balkind 24 Oct 2013

Concept is dead

Never mind potholes, rampant crime or corruption, what we really need to expend our energy on is the fact that more and more mediocre pedestrians are being allowed to stumble into roles they have absolutely no clue about. (video)

By Dylan Balkind 17 Sep 2013

Who moved my lobster thermidor?

"One day, if you play your cards right (or perhaps wrong) you might be a creative director. It is the most thankless, trying and difficult task you'll ever undertake in your creative career." - Sir John Hegarty.

By Dylan Balkind 27 Aug 2013

Would the real copywriter please stand up?

In a world of SEO (dead or not) and the immediacy of content-to-consumer needed, there seems to be more copy needed than copywriters out there. Never fear, for an article titled How to get high-performance sales copy without hiring a copywriter hit the blogosphere recently.

By Dylan Balkind 6 Aug 2013

Who do you think you are?

What's your take on some of the fancy-pants titles doing the rounds on the circuit currently? Happiness Advocate. Social Media Trailblazer. Head Cheese. Digital Dynamo. Copy Cruncher. I can't decide.

By Dylan Balkind 19 Jul 2013

Advertising can be so gay

It really is a fine time to be gay. The world's getting its rainbow on more than ever despite some insistent folks who aren't that happy about it.

By Dylan Balkind 8 Jul 2013

I have a bone to pick with advertising arrogance

I was too young to remember what advertising was like in South Africa in the dark ages (Apartheid). I can only assume the emerging markets were all but disregarded and were considered a non-event when it came to buying power.

By Dylan Balkind 11 Jun 2013

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