Dr. Ludi Koekemoer

Advisor for the MBA programme at MSA School of Business and Economics
Location:South Africa


Dr. Ludi Koekemoer's illustrious career spans over three large advertising agencies. He has held roles in academia at four institutions of higher learning including as a professor of marketing, chairman of the department of business management and professor of strategic management and CEO of advertising college. Most recently, Ludi developed and launched a unique MBA at Monash South Africa in 2016...
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The marketer of the future

Today's traditional media is rapidly evolving towards the marketing of the future. The ‘brandscape' has changed dramatically in a short space of time and marketers are struggling to keep pace with the new environment...

By Dr. Ludi Koekemoer 19 Apr 2017

[Trends 2015] A new breed of advertising creative needed

A look into the future demands a look into the past. Many moons ago advertising was fun, agencies provided serious strategic input and media planning...

By Dr. Ludi Koekemoer 3 Feb 2015

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