Diane Charton

Managing Director of Red & Yellow
Location:Cape Town, South Africa


As managing director of Red & Yellow, Diane Charton steers the strategic direction of the business. She strives to empower and educate the SA marketing communications industry through a myriad of traditional and digital educational platforms. With a unique combination of marketing, leadership and engineering experience, Charton brings a multifaceted approach to using marketing trends and insights to innovate and empower the industry as a whole. Follow @DiCharton on Twitter.
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[Trends 2015] Don't be scared of advertising

The brands that will stand out in 2015 will be those that leave the 'herd' behind. This is the view of Di Charton, managing director of the Red & Yellow School, who adds that the shape of advertising will continue to change...

By Diane Charton 22 Jan 2015

An integrated approach is the key to successful marketing

In today's complex media landscape, brands need a solid mix of traditional and digital media skills from their agencies if they are to achieve the best possible results...

By Diane Charton 27 Oct 2014

Augmented reality could rejuvenate print

As South African newspapers and magazines come under increasing pressure from digital competition, so must they look to digital innovations such as augmented reality to rejuvenate their business models.

By Diane Charton 18 Jul 2014

Rate of social, technology change leaves marketing behind

South African marketing and communications professionals need to step up the pace at which they integrate new technologies and social trends into their strategies.

By Diane Charton 20 May 2014

Four trends to shape the marketing and communications landscape in 2014

The consumer landscape is changing rapidly, and marketing and communications professionals must adapt quickly to the new trends if they are to thrive in this always-evolving environment.

By Diane Charton 11 Mar 2014

How behavioural economics is turning traditional marketing inside out

To be truly successful in marketing and advertising, we need to understand human motivation and behaviour at a deep level so that we are more able to influence it.

By Diane Charton 30 Oct 2013

Consumers take a central role in brand stories

Brands around the world face a significant challenge in understanding new consumer behaviours and patterns of thinking, which are rendering many of the techniques marketers and advertisers relied on in the past obsolete.

By Diane Charton 13 Sep 2013

Living content tells your brand's story in compelling ways

Many great brands have used rich, relevant content to reach out to and build relationships with their customers for years, but content marketing is now more powerful than ever before.

By Diane Charton 16 Aug 2013

Video is the rising star of online marketing

Video, once an expensive and cumbersome format for Web users in South Africa, is quickly moving into the mainstream. Marketers that don't buy into its potential are at risk of falling behind the needs of their audience.

By Diane Charton 6 Jul 2012

Using social media as a customer service channel

Many companies run Twitter, Facebook or YouTube accounts to supplement their other offline and online marketing activities, yet few have understood that social media is quickly becoming as important a customer service channel, as it is a marketing opportunity.

By Diane Charton 31 May 2012

Using online reputation management proactively

Online reputation management (ORM) is the discipline of monitoring and analysing the reputation of a person, organisation or industry. Far from only using it as a crisis management tool, it can also deliver benefits to businesses that use it in a more proactive manner by analysing content across all types of online media.

By Diane Charton 15 May 2012

[2011 trends] Key trends for digital marketing

2011 looks set to be an exciting year for the digital marketing world, with a great deal of action likely to take place in the mobile and social media spaces. Here are a few of the trends I expect to see shaping the year ahead.

By Diane Charton 12 Jan 2011

MWeb's bold ADSL move to spur online ad boom

The news that MWeb is to offer uncapped ADSL data access from as little as R219 a month will help to spur massive growth in online marketing and advertising in South Africa in the months ahead.

By Diane Charton 19 Mar 2010

[2010 trends] Online keeps maturing

As we move into 2010, we can look forward to robust growth for the online advertising industry as bandwidth prices keep falling, more consumers join the broadband world, and more companies embrace the benefits of digital.

By Diane Charton 21 Jan 2010

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