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Cyndi de Vries

Research Consultant at Interact RDT
Location:Johannesburg, South Africa


Cyndi de Vries is a 25-year-old Research Consultant at Interact RDT, a customer experience agency based in Melrose Arch. She's been in the research industry for about four years now and can't think of anything she'd rather do. She is passionate about customer experience and helping organisations positively affect it.
Segmentation models and why they often don't work

I'm always amazed whenever I see a client's segmentation model. It often feels like seeing a dinosaur fossil, because that's exactly what these models are to me. I've come across a company that routinely (about every six months or so) re-segments its market.

By Cyndi de Vries 13 Oct 2012 09:45

Producing passionate people

I'm sure you'll forgive the alliteration, but it's necessary. Have you ever been listlessly assisted by a supermarket cashier? Or been to the reception area at big business's head office where the receptionist is merrily filing her nails, playing solitaire or (the horror), Facebooking?

By Cyndi de Vries 7 Oct 2012 06:26

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