Craig Kolb owns AcentricTM Marketing Research. AcentricTM conducts marketing research in the areas of new-product research, brand equity, customer satisfaction/loyalty, employee engagement, stakeholder satisfaction and public opinion. Craig is widely published in the area of marketing research, having written numerous articles and conference papers for both local and international conferences. Contact details: tel +27 (0)12 683 8832 | email | website
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[2014 trends] Marketing research trends for 2014

From the integration of Big Data and samples, to the growth of open panels and the tantalising possibility of automated marketing management; 2014 should be an interesting year.

By Craig Kolb 17 Jan 2014

[2013 trends] South Africa's marketing research industry in 2013 and beyond

It seems we are at a point where technology advances so quickly, it is almost unsettling. Of course, it is a matter of perception but, for what it is worth, my subjective experience over the past five years has been one where a disturbingly high number of 'impossibles' have suddenly become 'possible'.

By Craig Kolb 17 Jan 2013

[2012 trends] Exciting period for marketing research in SA

We are in the middle of an exciting period in the marketing research industry, with a number of major shifts taking place that affect how research is done. The web in particular has led to multiple developments which threaten to topple the cherished technologies and techniques that have dominated the last two decades.

By Craig Kolb 17 Jan 2012

Augmented-reality print ads: Are they worth it?

In the May 2011 issue of CAR magazine, a new type of advertising was introduced - augmented-reality print advertising. The advert in question was a double-page spread, advertising a Mercedes CL63 AMG. It combined print with online content in a novel way. Acentric conducted an ad test with 79 members of the Acentric online panel, in order to examine the adverts performance.

By Craig Kolb 27 Sep 2011

Building the Saab brand: BMW and other factors

BMW's partnership with Saab, announced last month, drew a large amount of positive press attention for Saab. As the larger partner, BMW has little to worry about in terms of the effect on its brand equity; however, the Saab brand is in a more precarious position.

By Craig Kolb 29 Nov 2010

Will Google's advertising investment in Chrome payoff?

In September 2008, Google Chrome was released to the world as an alternative to Microsoft's market leading Internet Explorer. Americans have since been subjected to an unprecedented barrage of advertising which, fortunately or unfortunately, we seem to have escaped in Africa.

By Craig Kolb 16 Apr 2010

Trust, the bedrock of future SA business success

At least part of the reason for the success of Western economies in the later stages of capitalism could be attributed to the accumulated trust in institutions and a democratic climate which guaranteed property rights (Hou and Hou, 2002).

By Craig Kolb 18 Aug 2008

Re-evaluating the Net Promoter Score

Fred Reichheld, an American loyalty guru, has argued that the days of customer service satisfaction surveys are over (Reichheld, 2003). Instead we should only be measuring customer loyalty. According to Reichheld, all that is necessary is a single question, which he labels 'The Ultimate Question'.

By Craig Kolb 3 Mar 2008

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