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Craig Dummett is Director at Dummett & Co. He is an industry veteran and communications specialist with 15 years in the field, and he brings a wealth of experience both in an agency and client work delivery context. Craig fuelled his passion for PR at prominent PR agencies and listed companies including: Sentient Communications, Marcus Brewster Publicity, Cowley Nel & Associates, Openware Limited, Sun International and Protea Hotels. Email him on or follow @craigdummett on Twitter.
Craig Dummett
The importance of award winning for brand building

Award winning is important in any sector, but for one as saturated and meaningful to customers as health and fitness, every point of recognition and accolade adds to the brand's credibility. Many marketing-related industries rely on, or are complemented by awards. Similarly, many of them are inundated by awards and this can become superfluous and not necessarily a unique selling point. When building and bolstering a brand, there exist various elements that contribute to a positive and credible brand image.

By Craig Dummett 5 Sep 2012 09:36

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