Chris Human

Co-founder & Brand Strategist at Engage Brandcraft
Location:South Africa


Chris is a strategist specialising in new brand development and through-the-line (media neutral) communication campaign work. At Engage Brandcraft, he is tasked with the building and implementation of client's brand-building strategies and concepts as well as the development of their respective brand identities and cultures. His cross-competencies in design, strategy, copywriting, and client liaison see him fulfilling a role that is equal parts creative and strategic.
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African brandcrafting: an opportunity for growth

When it comes to international surveys, African brands have some way to go in realising their full potential.

By Chris Human 13 Sep 2013

Consumers vs. brands online: The false paradigm

There seems to be a growing assumption, certainly in some circles, that focusing on traditional (top-down) brandcrafting is becoming less important in the digital age.

By Chris Human 4 Jul 2013

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