Audrey Naidoo

Senior Digital Marketing Manager at Absa Bank
Location:Johannesburg, South Africa


I am a professional marketer working with full experience in both traditional and digital marketing. In my current role within Absa, I am responsible for all things digital including influencing and managing the group digital media investment. Focus areas include optimisation of all campaigns, insights driven marketing, innovation and thought leadership. I am a publisher and really passionate about marketing in the future and enabling marketers to upskill and understand the environment we operate in. I freelance on a part-time basis.


Year completed:2002
Education level:Masters
Final year subjects:Strategic Marketing
Financial Management
Consumer Behaviour
Product Management
And more.....
Institution:Natal University
Location:Johannesburg, South Africa
2017 digital media learnings

It has practically taken me last year to figure out exactly what is going on behind my digital media buys. For the marketers out there, now is the time to ask the questions from your media agency and to dig deep into the operations behind the scenes...

By Audrey Naidoo 12 Jan 2018

Metamorphosis of marketing

Some big trends contributing to digital's impact on marketing and the broader business to increase revenue, decrease costs and providing the customer with an enhanced experience...

By Audrey Naidoo 26 Apr 2017

Beyond a digital media buy

Every ad, every impression served results in an insight, a behaviour or an action. It maps out the customer journey down the path to purchase...

By Audrey Naidoo 3 Nov 2016

The opportunities of "Siri" to brands

I should be jealous as my husband has a girlfriend called Siri. She helps him with directions, searches for information and plays his favourite music...

By Audrey Naidoo 20 Sep 2016

The Hansel and Gretel of advertising

Once upon a time there was a Brand and a Consumer. The Brand continually spent money on advertising to Consumers all over the place - above-the-line, below-the-line, online and even through the line...

By Audrey Naidoo 30 Aug 2016

Brand before marketing

A name in itself does not constitute a brand. A brand is a living component which needs its own identity, purpose, character and personality...

By Audrey Naidoo 12 Aug 2016

Cost per attention - A new currency for advertisers

We are living in an attention deficit economy where attention is now seen as a currency for advertisers...

By Audrey Naidoo 27 Jul 2016

Goodbye to competitive advantage, say hello to customer advantage

Remember the days when we were always following the leader and looking for ways to gain competitive advantage. We based our strategies on what our competitors were doing...

By Audrey Naidoo 22 Jul 2016

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