Andre Redelinghuys

Strategic Planning Director - The Jupiter Drawing Room Johannesburg
Location:South Africa


Andre heads up strategy at The Jupiter Drawing Room Johannesburg. As a creative strategist, Andre believes that the creativity of advertising should transcend communication, and with clients, agencies can provide some of the change the world is craving. Inspired by quality and innovation, he has built brands and communication on the ground, across Africa and the Middle East.

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Digital doesn't change anything

People are more connected, more empowered, more informed. But do they want to get involved with how brands behave or make brands their own?

By Andre Redelinghuys 18 Jul 2012

[2012 trends] Tough year, tighter trends

Anticipating this year's macro environment, most analysts are banking on a European recession. I think this will set the tone for another tough business year globally. With business tightening its belt and household income under pressure, frugality will once again be the driving consumer trend. We can dust off those reports on how to market to tight-budget consumers, not that they have gathered much dust.

By Andre Redelinghuys 13 Jan 2012

South Africa, branded to the economic fast track

Jacob Zuma touched down in China yesterday morning, Wednesday, 13 April 2011, to take part in his first BRICS summit. In December 2010, BRIC officially invited South Africa to become the "S" in BRICS. There hasn't been much fanfare locally but through association, this new distinction is way more significant than feel-good jingles played on CNN.

By Andre Redelinghuys 14 Apr 2011

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