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#BizTakeouts: Bronwyn Williams chats about the printing industry
Hein Kaiser from Mix 93.8 FM, chats to Bronwyn Williams from Fluxtrends about print going personal and her colleague Khumo shares fascinating insights about Generation M, on his latest Marketing & Media show.
14 Feb 2018 13:55
#BizTakeouts: Moliehi Molekoa
Hein Kaiser from Mix 93.8 FM, chats to Moliehi Molekoa, Managing Director at Magna Carta about story telling and communication in Africa, on his latest Marketing & Media show.
7 Feb 2018 14:32
#BizTakeouts: Craig Gettliffe
Hein Kaiser from Mix 93.8 FM, chats to Craig Gettliffe, Managing Director at Six Degrees Media, on his latest Marketing & Media show.
31 Jan 2018 13:17
Flying Fish brews out the serious of Monday
In Flying Fish’s new TV commercial the brand encourages South Africans to brew out the seriousness of their everyday mundane adulting habits, and brew in some play.
TV ad
29 Jan 2018 12:19
Peter Khoury, Chief Creative Officer explains "this is a song created by a Proteas supporter David Bryant. It was inspired by the fab 4 song created by the Liverpool supporters for members of their team. Standard Bank loves what he has done for our very own world class 4 fast bowlers and as official sponsors of the Proteas is trying to help him spread it".
26 Jan 2018 17:40
Breaking Ballet No. 06
It’s January or, as Twitter calls it, #JanuWorry – a popular South African meme that makes light of the financial quagmire most of us currently find ourselves in. From social media to popular talk shows, #JanuWorry has trended consistently all month. After all, humour is always the best way to get through trying times. As we crawl towards payday, and with the ‘end in sight’, what better way to express our JanuWorry fatigue than through comedy and dance?...
24 Jan 2018 17:38
#BizTakeouts: Bridget von Holt and Marilyn Watson chat PRISM Awards
Hein Kaiser from Mix 93.8 FM, chats to PRISM Awards convenor Bridget von Holt and chief judge Marilyn Watson about about development, rules, tips and hints, on his latest Marketing & Media show.
24 Jan 2018 14:05
The Brave Cartel's Yolande Botha writes and directs first-ever Massmart TVC
The brief came from design studio 9Point: create a commercial for retail giant Massmart to say thank you to their staff for all the hard work they do.
TV ad
18 Jan 2018 12:56
Aquellé boosts its #SpreadTheJoySA summer campaign
As part of its #SpreadTheJoySA summer campaign, Aquellé has initiated a tour to Durban, Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town to promote its limited edition collection of flavoured drinks. The new flavours are granadilla, watermelon and apple. The tour has life-size characters named 'Granadilla', 'Watermelon' and 'Apple' for each new flavour. The characters visit each city and do various activities to bring awareness to the brand.
17 Jan 2018 11:40
#BizTakeouts: Stephen Sandmann chats digital marketing
Hein Kaiser from Mix 93.8 FM, chats to Stephen Sandmann, Digital Marketing (Search Marketing) Consultant at Sandmann Digital, on his latest Marketing & Media show.
17 Jan 2018 11:16
From bud to bloom - The story of a Standard Bank Protea
As the official sponsor of the Proteas, Standard Bank is also the official sponsor of Regional Performance Centres (RPCs), which is a Cricket South Africa development programme that nurtures the Proteas of tomorrow.
TV ad
8 Jan 2018 16:14
#BizTakeouts: Alan Bloom chats NPO's and communication trends
Hein Kaiser from Mix 93.8 FM, chats to Alan Bloom, Chief Business Development and Brand Officer of NPO RED, an organization founded by Bono and Bobby Shriver, about NPO’s, communication trends and re-imagining the value chain, on his latest Marketing & Media show.
13 Dec 2017 12:56
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