2017 FM AdFocus Award finalists revealed!
2017 FM AdFocus Award finalists revealed!

The 2017 Financial Mail AdFocus Awards finalists have been revealed, with 21 agencies making the cut across six agency categories and a further eight finalists from two media agency categories so far.

3 days ago

Fearless, or just pigheaded?
Fearless, or just pigheaded?

Did you know that DHA, an important omega-3 fatty acid, is found concentrated in mammalian brains? I ate one. Yes, I did. Pig brain! I still shudder at the thought, and I am pretty sure that my vegan friends will have my head for it. Yet, I did it. Why? Because actions speak louder than words, and when confronted with your own perception of bravery, you can only step up and face the proverbial music.

By Charlene Oliver, Issued by Grey 3 days ago

Taking a closer look at media monitoring, AVE and regulation - Part two
Taking a closer look at media monitoring, AVE and regulation - Part two

In part two of this three-part series based on the media monitoring industry, ROI Africa's Tonya Khoury explains the algorithms she uses, live sentiment tracking and big content.

By Angie White 21 Sep 2017

African Union member states endorse the draft statute of the African Audiovisual and Cinema Commission (AACC) to boost the African cinema industry.
Africa's film industry gets a boost

NAIROBI, Kenya - Structures endorsed by the African Union have been finalised to promote the audiovisual and cinema industry in Africa which accounts for US$5 billion in continental GDP.

20 Sep 2017

Berry Bush breathes down O&M's neck

In a race to become the largest advertising agency in the Cape, Berry Bush BBDO maintains that it is fast closing in on O&M Rightford, while John Montgomery, O&M's Cape MD, is "happy to accept the challenge".

23 Jul 2001

New bursary for needy digital media students

Tinderbox, a division of Prism Holdings, has introduced a new bursary for students of digital media. The bursary will be awarded annually to needy students that show extraordinary talent.

16 Jul 2001

Geo-Targeting: Online Advertisers' Newest Strategy

Geo-targeting, or IP targeting, enables a website to recognize, in real time, a visitor's geographical location. Armed with this knowledge, companies are now looking to structure their site content and language to be more ethnically appropriate. Alex, a guest columnist for I-strategy, discusses the merits and demerits of geo-targeting on IP addresses.

12 Jul 2001

Online Ad Measurement Systems Inaccurate in their Reflections

Steve Gold, of Newsbytes.com, London, reports that in a European study run by Just-sites.com it has been found that websites are underestimating the number of page hits and responses that their banners and other adverts generate. Also, advertisers could be falling short of their potential page hits by up to 50 percent.

10 Jul 2001

Selling techniques for small business

The Brain has many interesting South African and international links including "Understand your customer", "Closing the sale" and everybody's favourite, "Making cold calls".

6 Jul 2001

The SAARF LSM has become the most widely used marketing research tool in South Africa !

The SAARF website provides an interesting explanation of many terms thrown around Marketing circles, but very seldom understood including LSM, AMPS and sub-divisions of segments.

6 Jul 2001

Digital Newspapers - The Shape of the Future

The World Association of Newspapers is going digital with the launching of its newest project at the World Newspaper Congress and World Editors Forum. The first publications will be offering digital, downloadable versions of daily newspapers through the internet, including all the ads, graphics and photographs the paper product provides.

5 Jul 2001

Local content of TV commercials plunges

According to Tony Koenderman of the Financial Times: "Only about half the commercials shown on TV are made in SA."

5 Jul 2001

Abis keeps track of SA's Internet growth

The Audit Bureau of Internet Standards (ABIS) released figures on 22 February 2001 which indicates that offline advertising works well to drive online trafic !!!. Visit their website and relay this information to your clients.

29 Jun 2001

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