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Festive bucket - Ola! Films
Festive bucket

Ola! Films Mfundo Mkhize hits a home run with KFC's beyond adorable Christmas spot. Shot on a chickenfeed budget it punches way above it's weight class in production values, slick storytelling and heartwarming performances.

Issued by Ola! Films 19 Dec 2014 15:57

A letter to company X this Christmas - E-Intelligence
A letter to company X this Christmas

Dear CMO at Company X, You don't know me personally (I can tell from your generic marketing communications), but I thought I'd take the time to write you a short letter and tell you what I'd really like to see from your company. It seems very wasteful, and frankly, ineffectual, for you to keep sending me communications that don't work for you or me, so I hope the following information helps.

Issued by E-Intelligence 18 Dec 2014 09:24

CrossFit your content marketing - Foreword
CrossFit your content marketing

If someone mentioned the word CrossFit to you a few years ago, you would have been forgiven for thinking they were referring to an adaptable plug thingamajig or a crossword championship of sorts. Flash forward to 2014 and this exercise craze is now sweeping the globe. It's so big in fact, it has its own Olympics. And with brands like Reebok leading the sponsorship charge, this exercise cult is set to grow.

Issued by Foreword 18 Dec 2014 08:47

The elephant in the room is Julius
The elephant in the room is Julius

If I had to award a prize for the marketer of the year, that prize would go to Julius Malema and his Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF)...

By Walter Pike 18 Dec 2014 07:31

TED Talks to help make work work
TED Talks to help make work work

Here are a few 'ideas worth spreading' that put a spin on the traditional work environment. Hopefully they inspire you to apply or drive change in your 9-5er. Maybe all you need is a new outlook on work; maybe it's your manager who does...

By Sindy Peters 18 Dec 2014 07:30

Remembering my top 10 memes of 2014
Remembering my top 10 memes of 2014

Kim K's (un)klassy champagne shot, the Zuma 'Eskom switch it on and off again', and Kermit the Frog sipping Lipton Ice Tea. All among the top memes of 2014. All but a few of my favourites...

By Leigh Andrews 18 Dec 2014 07:27

Six of 2014's top buzzwords
Six of 2014's top buzzwords

Every year this is one of my favourite lists: the top buzzwords for the year, which have saturated the interwebs as well as our conversations.

By Ilse van den Berg 18 Dec 2014 07:00

December's #illridewithyou: One of the year's biggest Twitter events
December's #illridewithyou: One of the year's biggest Twitter events

An allegedly mentally deranged man walked into a Lindt store in downtown Sydney on Monday 15 December, and took the patrons hostage. The man happened to be Muslim, and although his motives were uncertain, his siege sparked off such a large islamophobic response that the ultra-right wing Australian Defence League threatened confrontation at the Muslim majority suburb of Lakemba.

By Walter Pike 17 Dec 2014 09:34

The digital universe that is to come
The digital universe that is to come

Imagine, if you would, you wake up with the soothing rays of the morning sun on your face. The shades on the east side of your bedroom decided to louver automatically a few moments before you planned to get up. Well, that's here already and I'm glad to talk about it because I have been a window blinds supplier since ninth grade. And back in 2002, we never had the opportunity to experience something like that. Now that this is just the beginning of IoT, we can be sure more is to come.

By Nivin Xavier 16 Dec 2014 07:55

Defensive strategy in a game challenger brands are doomed to lose
Defensive strategy in a game challenger brands are doomed to lose

Although I've spent many years in advertising, I don't attend ad industry events as frequently as before...

By Walter Pike 15 Dec 2014 06:00

2014: The year that was
2014: The year that was

Another year is almost over - and it wasn't what we hoped for. I expected a helluva lot more from 2014. It was a tough trading year for the industry and it seemed as if we lost far too many local and global icons in the past 12 months. But as always, there was levity, the WTF and the plain ridiculous...

By Louise Marsland 12 Dec 2014 14:35

Digify graduates join the NATIVE VML team - NATIVE VML
Digify graduates join the NATIVE VML team

Three graduates from the Digify internship programme are now employed at NATIVE VML.

Issued by NATIVE VML 11 Dec 2014 09:05

Ben Wagner
The definitive top 10 trends for 2015

Trends are a bit like spending a dreamy, sunny day at the beach. The next thing you know you have a drenched towel and phone. High tide and trends work like that.

By Ben Wagner, Issued by NATIVE VML 4 Dec 2014 11:14

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