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BMW M5 ad extends run

The BMW M5 television commercial has been extended for an additional two weeks at no additional cost because the ad was reportedly such a success in encouraging PVR users to engage with both the BMW and DSTV brand. For the next two weeks viewers not used to experiencing high performance driving first hand, can rewind the commercial and play it back in slow motion to get a better look at the driving dynamics of the car.

Patrick Ndlovu
Makes me want to go out and buy an M5.
Posted on 29 May 2012 14:09
Kyle Rimz
The M5 is a great modern vehicle made by Germans not only to offer some comfort and luxury. It is also a pretty powerful and fast car to give you some adrenaline and unforgettable driving experience. I admit that compare to some American cars the M5 is a bit overpriced. But believe me, it's worth every penny!
Posted on 25 Jul 2013 11:00