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Lotus FM fires DJ Fahim Jamadar

Lotus FM has announced that they have decided to terminate the contract of its PM drive show presenter, Fahim Jamadar, for not heeding management instructions with regard to the devised content of his shows. The radio station says that several warnings had been issued to Jamadar over the past 18 months, with no less than three in the last six months, for non-compliance with the music logs. Says Tinus Breed, SABC Kwazulu-Natal Regional Manager: "Unauthorised deviations from music logs seriously affect any radio station's offering, as it has the effect of working against strategy. It also demonstrates a lack of good discipline at the workplace."
fahim aka "thee best"-
Fahims the definition of "thee best dj ever". If he goes then so will most of the lotus fm listeners. He rocks up our night life and i jus wanna say big up to you man! You doing an awesome job so dnt worry about what ppl r sayin and keep up the good work!!!
Posted on 31 Mar 2010 13:19
maadiya yousuf
WOW!Fahim rocks !
Posted on 15 Jul 2011 15:08