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Manufacturing Indaba 2018

Reducing risk for recruiters

Identirisksa is a new recruitment product from Shane Meintjes, due to launch on 12 June 2008, that works in a similar way to ITC, where the person signs an indemnity at the start of proceedings. Before a candidate is interviewed, a simple check by name and id number on Identirisksa will show whether or not the person has been listed by another recruitment or HR company as a bad candidate. This does not mean that the recruitment company cannot proceed with any process with the candidate but at least they are aware of previous defaults and can act accordingly. For more information, go to
Here we go again!-
This sounds all fine and neatly packaged, but what next? Will there be an ITC on people who say, are divorced, why not publish why they got divorced, who they were having an affair with? Why not go further and add people who are paedophiles, sexual deviants, rapists. it's hard enough getting a job out there without being subject to a DNA test, now we have some bright spark who has decided to make it harder. BTW is he not the same person who runs the company Trading Places? This is a BEE company, how many of your candidates will "pass" the identirisk test?
Posted on 24 Oct 2008 17:43