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Lesedi FM

| 4 Oct 2007 13:56
Okay, it is one of the most popular radio stations in the country. This is the platform to express out feeling about LESEDI FM.
Put you comments about LESEDI FM about the PROGRAMMES, DJs and/or anything that has to do with 87.7 - 92.6 MHz.
Forum created by Dunc Moeks
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Abongile Makumsha
ba2cada waroka-
ngu Abongile Makumsha Sterkspruit, Nna zikhadza i listen to you uyarokha baba, just keep it up
Posted on 1 Oct 2009 19:05
commenting on lesedi fm-
eish Ba2cada u always make my day so fanx ok,i really enjoy ur advices as a human being and hey luv ur show hope u still rock but unfortunently i am in East London i cant get to listen to ur voice on a radio so eish im very bored.Chao!
Posted on 14 Sep 2009 13:28
Reabetswe Seatlanyane
Ba2cada rocks-
Posted on 8 Jun 2009 15:07
ke Mosotho ke tswa Lesotho-
Hi peeps i think those who have been saying Ba2cada is boring does not know the meaning of the word STAR. I support Ba2cada big time cos he knows what goes on in nother countries like LESOTHO. Its true that we say eya abuti to older guys and I think you guys need to grow up and let us enjoy the big guy. BA2CADA O YA CHESA AND WE LOVE HIM LIKE OUR OWN FLESH AND BLOOD. OTLA MO ETSANG NTATE HAHAHAHA
Posted on 27 May 2009 12:12
All those who says BA2CADA is boring i think ke bona ba borang,bcoz even BARACK OBAMA can enjoy listening 2 this young gentle man.the whole world luvs CADA BOY
Posted on 21 May 2009 14:30
All those who says BA2CADA is boring i think ke bona ba borang,bcoz even BARACK OBAMA can enjoy listening 2 this young gentle man.the whole world luvs CADA BOY
Posted on 21 May 2009 14:29
u bua nnete-
ke ne ke nahana hore style seno sas Nyakallo Leine oa mapolasing se tafola nna ke le te athe che nnete ke hore we are all blacks and we have to help one onether reach a certaikn level its only embarrasing ho utlwa batho ba bang ba batsho jwale ka Bathocada ba hobosa their fellow blacks so what will the Whites do.Man stop that coz its not good besides e ea bora.
Posted on 15 Jan 2009 10:51
truly bathocada o oa roka but o ntenele ntho elengoe, o khella batho ba LESOTHO fatse especilly banana, stopa nthoena ea hore "e ea abuti" hobane ea bora.but twasa is good so keep it up.

Tholoana o sharp, o buisa batho ha monate, ke morata ha tseha always o relesa stress sa motho ka letseho la hae.
Posted on 21 Nov 2008 18:23
I just wanna say hello to Anthea at motheo college and baby i wanna knw wat happened to us but anyway i still love you.Anonymous - Kimberley
Posted on 22 Aug 2008 09:28
Use your common sense too-
By the way I do listen to Lesedi FM, and it is one of the best radio station South Africa. I also am a subscriber to bizcommunity.
You have Chomane in the morning doing great work as the most listened to radio presenter in Gauteng, you can prove this by the way.
In the afternoon you have Twasa and Ba2cada doing super cracker job.
The station represents everyone who believe he is a South African and in touch with his roots.

I think you shoul talk to Television entertainment programmes producers to stop giving us crap about some other indigenous radio station presenters who we do not even hear. Stop promoting radio station that do not add value to our lives by playing music all the time.

By the way people in Kwazulu Natal can access the station on 106.9 and the rest of country on 87.7 to 106.9 FM
Posted on 30 Oct 2007 08:08
I would be willing to guess that a fairly low percentage of Bizcommunity's readers actually listen to a Southern Sotho station and can therefore not offer adequate feedback on DJ's, programmes etc. Ask the listeners, buddy!!
Posted on 8 Oct 2007 14:45
Common common sense, Lesedi FM-
Marketing man is right! Whoever you are Mr or Ms Lesedi FM, consider this: a radio ad on Lotus FM asking listeners to comment on Beeld or Isolezwe newspapers. What ever happened to common sense?
Or maybe, the SABC is cutting down on costs (at all costs). In that case, how many ordinary people have access to the Internet? A fraction of the SA population!
Posted on 12 Oct 2007 09:18
Why, oh, Why
tsk tsk-
Is this supposed to be research? why aren't you paying for it? c'mon now, you're SABC!
Posted on 5 Oct 2007 17:12