ICT Trends 2016

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Windows 8 expected to make rapid inroads
Windows 8 expected to make rapid inroads

Microsoft and Nokia, are making their play in the smartphone market with Windows Phone 8, the mobile operating system that is set to occupy third place in the market for the foreseeable future.

DataGroupIT appointed as BMC Software's Nigerian distributor

Global IT management solutions company BMC Software has announced a relationship with Nigerian company DataGroupIT to distribute BMC's industry-leading solutions to the IT channel community across West Africa.

Binary Tree selected for migration to Microsoft Office 365
Binary Tree selected for migration to Microsoft Office 365

Binary Tree, a provider of software solutions for migrating to Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Office 365, announced that Microsoft has selected Binary Tree migration and coexistence technology to streamline the migration process for customers moving from Lotus Notes/Domino environments to Microsoft Office 365.

New malware downloads paid apps without user's knowledge
New malware downloads paid apps without user's knowledge

Experts at G Data Security Labs have discovered a new type of Android malware that downloads paid apps without the knowledge of the smartphone or tablet user. The malware is hidden in fake GO Weather, Travel Sky or E-Strong File Explorer apps and is being distributed through various Chinese websites and third-party provider app marketplaces.

Abey Mokgwatsane
The four ways data changes business forever

If anything is about to transform the way marketing works, it's that four-letter word: data. Technological advancements that have made it possible for any brand and business to have authentic, meaningful relationships with consumers makes data all the more powerful and relevant.

By Abey Mokgwatsane

AUTOsavvy launches dealer management system

AUTOsavvy recently announced the launch of their state-of-the-art dealer management software to the market. This innovative business management solution was designed by South African industry experts to give motor dealerships more control of their business functions with less effort and at a fraction of the cost.

SMBs are more vulnerable to malicious programmes

A global IT security risks survey, recently conducted by B2B International for Kaspersky Lab, revealed that small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are typically more vulnerable to viruses, worms, spyware and other malicious programmes.

Windows 8 - significant changes emerge
Windows 8 - significant changes emerge

SAN FRANCISCO - Microsoft has started rolling out a new version of its flagship Windows operating system tailored for a world shifting from personal computers to smartphones and tablets.

Entersekt a finalist for 2012 SESAMES Award

Cape Town based mobile security software development company, Entersekt, is proud to announce that it has been selected as one of only 36 finalists - out of 475 entrants - for this year's SESAMES Awards.

Best of both worlds: How greater collaboration amongst IT and business ensures success

Re-engineering or changing an IT system can prove to be a challenge within a complex environment, particularly for manufacturers who may require a system able to take hundreds if not thousands of variables into account. In addition, the dearth of IT professionals with an understanding of these unique operations present an even greater difficulty.

By Nick Cadenhead

Kaspersky Lab improves its position on Sunday Times Top Track 250
Kaspersky Lab improves its position on Sunday Times Top Track 250

Kaspersky Lab, a leading developer of secure content and threat management solutions, has been placed 89th in this year's Sunday Times Top Track 250, moving up from its 90th position in 2011, following an increase in sales.

Lex Faure
Mobile - the technology tsunami

No other development in the history of the world has caused so much change, in such a short time period, as the explosive growth of the mobile phone in general, and the smart phone in particular.

By Lex Faure

RamsayMedia and Snapplify - mobilising with a new partnership
RamsayMedia and Snapplify - mobilising with a new partnership

RamsayMedia is set to expand its role in the digital space. A partnership with leading SA mobile solutions provider Snapplify will see the media house provide content, service and support though mobile apps developed by the award-winning tech start-up, which will also manage their hosting in app stores.

New car validation app enhances verification reports

Lightstone, specialists in spatial and data driven insights, has announced the launch of a new application (app) for computers and smart devices. The app will significantly enhance the car sales industry by enabling car dealers, banks and insurers to generate instant car verification reports.

VoIP comes of age - business-grade quality, scalability and functionality
VoIP comes of age - business-grade quality, scalability and functionality

Organisations that still doubt the suitability of Voice over IP for business must have missed the final act, in which VoIP grows up, gets the girl and drives off into the sunset in smoking hot yet reliable wheels.

The end of the mouse: How you will touch, wear and speak to your computer in the near future - NATIVE VML
The end of the mouse: How you will touch, wear and speak to your computer in the near future

The way we use computers has remained largely unchanged for nearly 40 years. Even with the advent of touch screens and tablets in the past 10 years, we have only experienced a slight modification of the familiar point-and-click paradigm.

By Jarred Cinman, Issued by NATIVE VML

G4S switches to Google Apps and cloud solutions across Africa

G4S, a leading international security solutions group, has appointed technology company Grove Group to revolutionise its existing IT systems by deploying Google Apps for Business and Google Message Discovery (GMD) across the G4S Africa region.

Apps spark creative talents of developers

There is hardly anything you will not find an app for these days: from counting the amount of calories you consume to managing a job search while you are on the go.

Facebook prefers Avira's anti-virus security software
Facebook prefers Avira's anti-virus security software

Security expert Avira has announced that Facebook has selected Avira to be included in its Facebook AV Marketplace. Avira's top-rated anti-virus security software, Avira Free Anti-virus will now be offered to Facebook's more than one billion active users. In addition, Avira will contribute posts to the Facebook security blog and provide security threat warnings and blacklist information to Facebook's URL blacklist system.

BBD rewards top performing Roedean Academy students

In response to the challenge of raising the level and standard of education, healthcare and welfare in South Africa, software services company BBD have embraced the concept of socio-economic development.

The hidden pitfalls of unmanaged software

When it comes to managing software licences and assets, most companies focus on compliance rather than cost-cutting. Organisations are over-licensing, buying more and more software in order to err on the side of caution. This can be an extremely costly mistake.

By Tim James

AMS launches all-in-one travel app

Affinion Mobile Solutions (AMS), has announced the imminent launch of its all-in-one mobile travel-booking app in co-operation with travel technology company TravelLinck. The app will provide instant access to multiple travel vendors including domestic airlines, car rentals and accommodation.

Kaspersky Lab discovers new cyber espionage programme

Kaspersky Lab has announced the discovery of miniFlame, a small and highly flexible malicious programme designed to steal data and control infected systems during targeted cyber espionage operations.

Time for SA organisations to start thinking about mobile security

With the rapid move towards enterprise mobility, workers are able to access corporate information and networks as well as carry out their tasks nearly anywhere. But along with the welcome benefits of productivity, efficiency and flexibility, the shift to a mobile world brings with it a range of new security threats that companies need to manage closely.

By William James

The changing face of software sales

The shift from physical software distribution to electronic is being driven by faster broadband connections and an increasing number of consumers and businesses buying online, owning more connected devices and expecting to get software delivered how, where and when they want it.

By Simon Campbell-Young

Business executives told that 80% of companies use cloud
Business executives told that 80% of companies use cloud

Nearly 80 percent of organisations either use cloud computing in their business or are planning to do so over the next year, an audience of South African business executives has been told.

NATIVE Mobile Report highlights some NB industry issues
NATIVE Mobile Report highlights some NB industry issues

The latest issue of the NATIVE Mobile Report covers some important industry events - including the launch of iPhone 5 and the release of iOS6, the Loeries and the 4G race that is hotting up in SA.

How apps are taking over computing and content

Mobile apps are innumerable and integrated into almost all aspects of our daily lives. They have already changed computing in staggering ways, but there's room for more innovation on a similar scale.

By Wesley Lynch

How to choose good anti-virus software

The nefarious, deadly villain that ruthlessly wipes out one-third of the world's population is a homicidal computer virus. At least, that is the case in H+ The Digital Series, a new sci-fi web-based television drama.

By Lutz Blaeser

Cloud computing can impact negatively on managed services

With the inception of cloud computing and the uptake seen across a multitude of industries, many managed service providers (MSPs) are assessing the impact on their clients. Certain cloud based technologies are still perceived as "locking in" a client to one MSP making it difficult, if not impossible, to switch providers.

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