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Facebook, Messenger and Instagram apps hit Windows 10

Fresh from reporting stellar earnings, Facebook rolled out applications tailored to Microsoft's latest operating system for the social network as well as its Messenger and Instagram services...

4 hours ago

Simon via Pixabay
Chrome crowned top internet browser by market tracker

Google Chrome was crowned the top internet browser, officially ending the long reign of Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE).

5 hours ago

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Mobile optimised work environments drive performance

The Economist Intelligence Unit, through its new global study Mobility, Performance and Engagement, established a measurable link between mobile-first working environments and...

29 Apr 2016

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Ten ways to protect your organisation from ransomware

If you've been listening to the news lately, you would have heard of a number of companies being affected by ransomware. Organisations and users are concerned...

By Paul Williams 28 Apr 2016

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What does SSDC mean for your business?

Shifting a lot of the management and, therefore, the intelligence, to software makes a lot of sense and it's where the industry is heading...

By Martin Walshaw 28 Apr 2016

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ESD facilitates smoother sales to channel partners

Electronic software distribution (ESD) has seen significant growth over the past few years, and the channel, in particular, is increasingly using this delivery mechanism in order to improve efficiencies and reduce costs...

By Anton Vukic 21 Apr 2016

Use a Facebook chatbot to transform customer experience
Use a Facebook chatbot to transform customer experience

At their F8 Developers Conference this year, Facebook revealed an ambitious 10-year vision which sees them connecting the world, leveraging artificial intelligence...

By Mark Geschke 20 Apr 2016

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Cisco and Seacom unveil startup hub in Mombasa

Cisco Systems, Seacom, and the National Museums of Kenya (NMK) have partnered to create a technology hub in Mombasa. The hub, which has been named 'SwahiliPOT', has been created...

19 Apr 2016

Digitizing agriculture and growing knowledge
Digitizing agriculture and growing knowledge

We spoke to Magnus Rambraut about how digitizing the industry can...

By Cari Van Wyk 18 Apr 2016

Image via Facebook Newsroom
Roundup of Facebook's F8 Conference - Day two

Facebook's F8 conference recently took place in San Francisco and revealed some of the latest products from the social media platform. Take a look at some of the highlights from Day Two...

15 Apr 2016

Tritech Media purchases majority in Ionizr
Tritech Media purchases majority in Ionizr

Tritech Media, the media technology company controlled by the Kirsh family, has announced the acquisition of 51% interest in Ionizr, a pioneer in real-time proximity advertising technology in South Africa...

14 Apr 2016

Mark Zuckerberg at F8 - Image via FB.Newsroom
Recap of Facebook's F8 Conference - Day one

Facebook's F8 conference currently taking place in San Francisco is revealing some of the latest products from the social media platform. Take a look at some of Day One's highlights...

14 Apr 2016

VPS hosting advantages for startup owners - Monetary Library
VPS hosting advantages for startup owners

Virtual private server hosting packages are normally not considered by startup owners because of the belief that prices are way too high. This is completely incorrect...

By Boris Dzhingarov, Issued by Monetary Library 14 Apr 2016

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In-memory computing can fully exploit the value of information

The advent of enterprise-grade cloud solutions, combined with the precipitous drop in costs for volatile memory storage, has propelled in-memory computing to the forefront of many CIO's agendas...

By Alan Collins 8 Apr 2016

©goodluz via 123RF
Importance of quick, secure and flexible IT delivery

Delivery has always been a key differentiator in business. Whether it be goods or services, companies that are known to deliver quality offerings quickly, securely and flexibly...

By Brendan McAravey 4 Apr 2016

©Yelena Kovalenko via 123RF
Go2Africa platform to disrupt local travel industry

Go2Africa, niche inbound travel specialists, is developing a new platform which is set to disrupt the local travel industry in 2017 by providing a...

1 Apr 2016

©imilian via 123RF
Over-reliance on legacy software is dangerous for business

All too often with local companies, and particularly large and established corporates, there is a risky over-reliance on the use of legacy software and systems...

By Bob Hall 29 Mar 2016

Apple's CareKit will help create healthcare apps
Apple's CareKit will help create healthcare apps

This week, Apple introduced the open source software framework CareKit, which can be used to develop healthcare apps. Apple plans to release the software in April...

24 Mar 2016

Pawel Kadysz via StockSnap
Gaming has grown into a viable career option

"Whether as a player, a developer, designer or writer, the gaming industry - also known as the interactive entertainment industry - provides an exciting, engaging and rewarding new opportunity for school leavers,"...

24 Mar 2016

©36clicks via 123RF
Creating an effective software environment

To get the best out of their engineers, many firms create the 'ideal' place for staff to work. They install creative spaces, televisions that are tuned to news or live events, and state-of-the-art meeting rooms...

By Matthew Butler 23 Mar 2016

©Andriy Popov via 123RF
User-friendly BI solutions are the way forward

Even the most tech-savvy users, and BI evangelists, who know about BI from beginning to end, will admit that even they cannot fully grasp the potential that BI offers...

18 Mar 2016

John Oliver explains the FBI Apple encryption debacle
John Oliver explains the FBI Apple encryption debacle

John Oliver's take downs are the stuff TV legends are made of. They work, largely, because they are driven by facts. This week saw Oliver taking on encryption in light of the FBI and Apple case...

17 Mar 2016

©Maksim Kabakou via 123RF
POPI Act - friend or foe?

Is the Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act just another piece of legislation trumped up by politicians or is it just good business practice that has been neglected over the years...

16 Mar 2016

©fabio formaggio via 123RF
How to remain relevant for the African traveller

As smartphone penetration across the continent increases, African travellers are increasingly looking for agents offering online and mobile services...

15 Mar 2016

©bowie15 via 123RF
Choosing the right software development partner

An increasing number of businesses are turning to custom software to improve company processes and drive efficiencies, but before selecting a software development partner, they should look out...

8 Mar 2016

©Sawitree Jaiwanglok via 123RF
The modern data centre is software-defined

Global big data revenues are expected to grow to just under $38 billion and cloud computing service revenues to more than $4 billion in 2016 resulting in local companies rethinking their data centre...

3 Mar 2016

FirmBee via pixabay
The 'whys' and 'hows' of local SEO

Local SEO stopped being about the usual mom-and-pop shops by the corner. Google has made sure that now any business can benefit from local SEO...

By Vinod Jethwani 29 Feb 2016

©rido via 123RF
Building a successful BI strategy

Any business intelligence (BI) initiative should have certain goals. These include helping the organisation to achieve its strategic, tactical, and operational goals...

24 Feb 2016

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#DesignMonth: What survived after Flash went nuclear?

Flash is dead. It's not a rumour. If you haven't heard the news here it is...

By Alessandro Bonora 19 Feb 2016

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