ICT Trends 2016

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Kenyan startup selected for TechStars accelerator programme
Kenyan startup selected for TechStars accelerator programme

US accelerator TechStars believes Kenya's Bamba Group could be the next AirBnB or Dropbox within the next five years. The experts will put Bamba through intensive training in Austin...

Skype for Business introduces a virtual personal assistant
Skype for Business introduces a virtual personal assistant

Intervate has announced the release of ROBIT: locally-developed virtual personal assistant (VPA), enabling organisations to extract more value from Microsoft's Skype for Business...

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App performance gap hurts business - survey

The Riverbed Global Application Performance Survey 2015 has revealed a major performance gap between the needs of business and IT's current ability to deliver...

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Mozilla to kill Firefox smartphone operating system

The Firefox smartphone operating system is being shut down, three years after a launch aimed at challenging the dominant platforms powered by Apple and Google...

Simplifyd software for small businesses arrives in South Africa
Simplifyd software for small businesses arrives in South Africa

Simplifyd business software, built for freelancers, small teams and everyone in between, has officially launched in South Africa, allowing small teams and entrepreneurs to invoice faster, get paid quicker...

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Coding Zealotry: peer programming

In our next episode of the smash hit series "Coding Zealotry" (aka "The Random Babbling of a Madman"), we're looking at the practice of peer programming...

By Eric Savage

Stephen Kelly - Sage CEO
Sage hosts first African Business Partner Conference

More than 700 Sage business partners across Africa gathered at the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg for the Sage Business Partner Conference 2016...

Unearthed Hackathon to gather techies in Cape Town
Unearthed Hackathon to gather techies in Cape Town

Unearthed is a global innovation programme, consisting primarily of Hackathon events, that look to solve resources sector challenges by developing...

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Software is key for a successful business

For a company that deals with customers every day (hopefully that's everyone!), the software your company utilises will make or break your business...

By Hicks Crawford

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Handy cloud-based help authoring software programs

A help authoring software program assists you in getting your customers to take a closer look at how your program works through the use of a convenient...

By Sameer Bhatia

juanjo6560 via pixabay
Adopt smart print solutions to improve cost effectiveness

Despite predictions to the contrary, the paperless office remains an unattainable reality, as printing is still very much a critical business function...

By Tasneem Sayed

FirmBee via pixabay
Emerging trends in mobile app development

With an increase in demand and market penetration, businesses are bound to launch effective apps that can run on any mobile operating system..

By Jihn Siepen

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Accounting software firms take advantage of weakening rand

The plummeting rand is likely to boost locally owned accounting software companies, says Stephen Corrigan, MD of Johannesburg-based...

By Bekezela Phakathi

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The force of technological change is too strong to ignore

Over the past 50 years, internet technology has rapidly and profoundly changed the way people work, live, play and learn. The power of the internet is allowing African citizens to do more...

By Andy MacDonald

stux via pixabay
RIP branch router

The widespread adoption of this hybrid IT infrastructure model will lead to 2016 becoming the year when the branch office ends its relationship with an old friend - the router...

By Wimpie van Rensburg

Spiceworks: four main IT trends
Spiceworks: four main IT trends

According to a Spiceworks report, The 2016 State of IT, there will be four main trends in the IT world...

©ninamalyna via 123RF
IDC looks back on 2015

IDC looks back at their top 10 predictions 2015 for Africa to see which their predictions came true and which were off the mark...

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Are we really in the middle of an IT revolution?

The start of 2015 saw some attention-grabbing predictions suggesting major changes were afoot in the IT industry. We looked at some of these predictions under the microscope...

By Dan Matthews and Martin Gunnarsson

The big bang theory for 2016
The big bang theory for 2016

According to Prof Barry Dwolatzky, while the hype around areas such as the IoT, big data, cloud and AI will continue, the theme for the year should be the Internet of Everything...

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Transport of the future takes many shapes at tech show

In the future world of mobility, you might be traveling in a car, on a bike or a personal air transporter - with a range of new possibilities raised by connected technology...

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Dis-Intra-rupt your business, look inwards

Every single conference that I attended in 2015 had at least one speaker talking about disruption. At my last conference, it became a drinking game...

By Mark Beets

©Dmitriy Shironosov via 123RF
CX demands to be harnessed by analytics

Gen D, the digital generation, demands more of organisations across a growing number of digital channels...

By Deon Scheepers

SD-WAN: Agile enabler of enterprise movement towards the cloud
SD-WAN: Agile enabler of enterprise movement towards the cloud

Today, businesses are increasingly mixing off-premises assets with existing IT infrastructure. The internet is becoming the backbone of enterprise communications...

By Wimpie van Rensburg

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UJ faculty positions itself to lead the charge on machines that think

A new super science venture, the Institute for Intelligent Systems, is being installed in the University of Johannesburg's faculty of engineering...

By Tom Nevin

StartupStockPhotos via pixabay
Weaving dreams into websites

Dreamweaver is a powerful and popular tool for developing websites...

By Eric Kyalo

Microsoft to warn users about 'nation-state' intrusion
Microsoft to warn users about 'nation-state' intrusion

Microsoft has joined other online companies with a new policy alerting users if their accounts are being targeted by governments...

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Africa prepares for data revolution

Africa needs to embrace the data revolution - the exponential increase in the volume and types of data available. This creates unprecedented opportunities to inform and transform societies...

By Carlos Lopes

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Creative thinking key to app development

There are now a third more cellphones than people in South Africa and with the country ranked at an impressive number six in the world of mobile web usage...

By Prins Mhlanga

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Four Windows server backup solutions

For those who have a Windows server, backing it up is the most efficient protection you could have in place. Accidents are inevitable, and once it happens...

By Charles Mburugu

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