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Joburg Day 2013 officially launched, diarise September

Fans of Joburg Day can diarise Saturday 14 September 2013 at Crocodile Creek, Polo Club for the 2013 music festival. Announced officially on Friday, 12 July, Breakfast Xpress host Darren Simpson also revealed that the new event partner for this year's music festival is MTN South Africa.

Sharing the experience

"MTN is renowned for setting the standard in sharing the experience with its subscribers and we look forward to sharing this with our listeners. Having MTN on board as a partner is certainly true to the station's vision of increasing interaction on mobile and digital platforms," said Ravi Naidoo, programming manager at 94.7 Highveld Stereo.

"It has been the proud sponsor of the South African Music Awards for over 10 years and its commitment to celebrating local talent is unparalleled. Set to hold out no stops, Joburg Day enthusiasts can expect the crème de la crème of South African talent to be performing on one stage."

"The partnership for us is all about bringing our customers the hottest and most prestigious music events, showcasing the best of South African talent. The partnership re-enforces the company's support in recognising and rewarding South Africa's talented local musicians. It also has a natural synergy with some of our product offering, notably MTN Play," says Serame Taukobong, chief marketing officer for MTN SA.


Popular rock band, The Parlotones and electronica phenomena GoldFish will be joining a host of acts on the day, such as Locnville, Lloyd Cele, Blackbyrd, Elvis Blue, Jack Parow and Daniel Baron to name a few.

Having achieved multiplatinum-selling status locally and recently moving to Los Angeles, The Parlotones are looking forward to celebrating their self-described "anthem rock music with pop sensibilities" at this year's Joburg Day. "We would not miss Joburg Day for the world! Plans are already in place and all I can say for now is, see you there!" said lead singer Kahn Morbee.

Electronica phenomenon, GoldFish had a 22,000 strong crowd on their feet at last year's Joburg Day during hits like 'This Is How It Goes,' and 'Get Busy Living'. At the forefront of music fusion, this year the talented duo is looking to successfully integrate dance music with jazz and African music elements.

Follow the feed on Twitter at @947Highveld and use the official hashtag #947JoburgDay.
stefania speranza
Hi!!THIS WILL NOT GO UNNOTICED!!!!I am absolutely appalled by the security and lack of concern that was being conducted at this passed weekend's Joburg Day 2013/09/14.This was meant to be a "Family Day" yet on my Security check my bag was only tapped, for the sound of Glass and this was the only precautionary measure that was taken place. We Live in a society where drugs are high and yet at Family Day event with 25000 people, Drugs and alcohol abuse was not made on high alert!! My Sister (Nadia) and her boyfriend (Dimitri) were enjoying the concert amongst the crowd a minor misunderstanding between them and an older, drunken, and possibly drugged up, couple occurred, they were horrifically beaten up senselessly. After the misunderstanding my sister saw Dimitri face down and being beaten by the husband, she tried to reason with the wife, who turned on my sister and shoved her to the floor and then both husband and wife beat up my sister. Security arrived to take the couple away and my sister and Dimitri was helped to their feet and managed to get back to me. They both collapsed, in shock and in tears, they had sand on their faces Dimitri's face was full of blood, his shirt and pants completely ripped to the point where he was humiliated and embarrassed to stand up, had to wrap the picnic blanket around him to get him to the car.My first priority was to get them out and to take them to the closest emergency unit at Wilgeheuwel hospital, they were examined and they both were fortunate to be release that night. THE DAMAGED THAT WAS CAUSED - Dimitri had a severely fractured nose, fractured jaw, concussion, bruises and lesions, traumatized ripped shirt, and shorts, phone stolen extensive - My Sister was assaulted, bruised on the back of her head and on the lower of her back.This should never have happened and these damages should never have happenedWHAT KIND OF A FAMILY EVENT ALLOWS THIS TO HAPPEN WITH NO REPERCUSSIONS TO THE ATTACKERS!!!!On Sunday 2013/09/15, my sister and Dimitri went back to the venue and spoke to a manager and no arrests were made beside for an unrelated crime where a phone was stolen.THIS IS ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING. WHY WAS NOTHING DONE?WHY WAS THE SECURITY NOT STRICT ENOUGH?WHY HAS NO ONE FROM THE EVENT MADE CONTACT TO APOLOGIES?IF I DO NOT HEAR BACK WITH A FORMAL APOLOGY AND SOME FORM OF COMPENSATION GIVEN TO MY SISTER AND DIMITRI FOR WHAT THEY WENT THROUGH!!!! I WILL NOT STOP UNTIL THIS MATTER IS BROUGHT UP BECAUSE WE PAY A LOT OF MONEY TO ENJOY A DAY IN THE SUN AND TO BE DISREGARDED LIKE THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!!! I WILL NEVER SUPPORT HIGHVELD WITH ANYTHING THAT HEY DO AND I WILL MAKE SURE THIS STORY SPREADS. SOMEONE MUST PAY FOR THIS KIND OF VIOLENCE AND THE LACK OF PREVENTATIVE MEASURES AND THE LACK OF SECURITY DUTY HAS CAUSE PAIN AND SUFFERING!!!IF NOTHING IS DONE ABOUT THIS THIS KIND OF UNNECESSARY VIOLENCE WILL CONTINUE AT THESE EVENTS!!!I EXPECT A RESPONSE OR I WILL TAKE THIS MATTER FURTHER!!!!
Posted on 16 Sep 2013 12:41