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Scan Display appoints Martina Komane as director

Scan Display has announced the appointment of Martina Komane as director. Martina has also been appointed the chairperson of the Scan Display BEE Trust, which was established in 2005 to empower previously disadvantaged staff members.
Martina was employed by Scan straight out of school in 2002. She has worked hard to build her career at the company, working her way through many divisions and learning everything there is to know about each aspect of the business.

"This is an amazing achievement for Martina," says Scan Display's managing director, Justin Hawes. "This success story is one we're very proud of. Martina's hard-working attitude and commitment to her work have brought her so far with us and we're all so proud to have her as a director and the first female chairperson of our BEE Trust."

Currently working in the sales and services teams at Scan Display, Martina believes her growth into these people-centric roles will be of great assistance with her new responsibilities as director. "It's important that I know how to deal with people," she says. "I know how to communicate and understand colleagues and clients, as well as deliver on what is promised."

Martina believes that her passion and resourcefulness will go a far way in her new role at Scan Display. "Nothing is ever a problem for me, and I'm always willing to help. I refuse to give into complaining and would rather search for a solution for all of the problems I encounter."

Scan Display looks forward to the big plans Martina has for its BEE Trust. "Martina's positive outlook and concern for staff will most certainly allow Scan Display to achieve even more through the Trust in the future," concludes Hawes.

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