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Caxton community newspaper for Joburg South

On Wednesday, 9 April 2008, Caxton will launch another community newspaper in Johannesburg South, the Comaro Chronicle, due to the extensive growth of suburbs in the area.
While many suburbs will continue to receive the current community paper, the Southern Courier, others will now receive the Comaro Chronicle instead. Because of extensive development in the area, it is now too big to be serviced by one local paper.

Gill Randall, joint MD of the Newspaper Advertising Bureau (NAB), explains, "It is our policy to always evaluate our footprint, to ensure that we provide relevant newspapers to homogenous areas within magisterial districts. As a result, we are aware of the growth and changes within South Africa's landscape.

"The paper kicks off with a print order of 21 000 copies to be distributed in the new south every Wednesday."

Reduce print order

She explains that the existing community paper in the area, the Southern Courier, will reduce its print order to 40 100 as a result. The Comaro Chronicle will be distributed in Alan Manor, Bassonia, Bassonia Rock, Eastcliff, Glenanda, Glenvista, Linmeyer, Liefde en Vrede, Mondeor, Mulbarton, Oakdene, Townsview, Suideroord and Winchester Hills.

"It will become the new mouthpiece for these specific communities," Randall adds.

"Community newspapers have shown tremendous growth over the past 10 years from both a circulation and advertising point of view. They consistently demonstrate an immense return on investment for advertisers," Randall explains.

The Comaro Chronicle will carry unique and locally relevant advertising to these specific catchment areas.
Lesley Mckay
Randpark High School kids randomly attack kids at a party-
Two kids end up at Olivedale and Welgewil hospital due to planned random attacts on children at a party at 194 Sparling Avenue Boskruin on Friday night. The two children where attacted by Jason Morisson, Mpo and a crowd of what we know as the Rugby team at Randpark high. The cowardly boys attacked boys as young as 15 years old with knuckel dusters and they had to under go surgery. The following day they went to play rugby at Randpark High where the teacher claimed that the intimidation on other school children was none of school business. I will not send my child back to school until these children are arrestecd. They have two charges laid againt them and we wait further police investigation.
Posted on 16 May 2010 18:01
Lesley Mckay
Do we have to take the law into our own hands-
We have heard that these Boys 17 and 18 have repeatedly assulted and intimidated children at RANDPARK HIGH and other schools, Trinity school was also involved at this party. Boys at Trinity School are in contact with Josh Marisson. I pray all principles and parents for the sake of the children join together to stop the assalt on children who do not wish as yet to fight back and hope that the legal system will take control. If else what do we do take the law into our own hands.
Posted on 16 May 2010 18:09