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Why solid ink is better for your business

With the huge volume of printer use in an office environment, companies are starting to reassess how to keep this reliable and make it more efficient. Traditional printing methods, such as laser printing, have dominated this space for many years, so the move to a different, more innovative solution is often seen as a slightly uncomfortable jump for any business.
Worldwide, solid ink is giving businesses an advantage over those using laser printing by improving colour consistency, increasing workgroup productivity and delivering a premium value at a very competitive cost, all while offering significant environmental benefits.

Solid ink is also an intelligent solution born from the minds of physicians, chemists and engineers. Solid ink remains in its solid form until heated to a specific temperature then instantly turns to liquid and turns back to solid when printed.

Gone are the days of fussing with ink cartridges and dealing with spills. Solid ink's innovative design provides an easy refill system with colour coded ink sticks that can simply be dropped into the printer. Office workers can easily replace the ink sticks - with no fuss and no bulky packaging. After the ink is consumed, there is no messy cartridge to remove and throw away, which is convenient and environmentally friendly. It is like topping off your gas tank, you do not have to wait for the ink to run out, you can simply add in another stick.

Helping businesses stay competitive

On the surface, printing is a business necessity, but not a business gain. Solid ink improves efficiency, productivity and energy consumption, so businesses can produce high quality, low cost documents. Solid ink can create vivid images for both colour and black and white printing, with the same solid ink sticks. It can also print across a range of paper types allowing businesses to produce multiple types of documents all on one device, with the same great print quality. Solid ink has up to 90% lower printing waste, versus comparable laser printers.

Businesses have used solid ink to make every impression count. Colour is an important part of any business - from internal proposals, to external marketing collateral - to help them stand out. In fact, research shows that the use of colour provides substantial improvement in attention, comprehension, recall and response.

Businesses today move faster than ever and for a printer to be productive, it needs to be easy to set up, easy to use and easy to share. The hidden costs of printer downtime, user frustration and delayed print jobs can be enormous. Solid ink can improve office productivity and give companies a way to increase competitive edge by providing a refreshed and smarter way to take advantage of colour printing.

About Ernest Leong

Ernest Leong is OPB Product Manager at Xerox Systems Sales and Bytes Document Solutions.