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TRANSIT.TV amazes crowds at Park Station and Cape Town Station

With its new tagline, "We are the people of TRANSIT.TV™", Provantage Media Group's refreshed digital offering was launched at Park Station and Cape Town Station.
TRANSIT.TV™ has been given a new look and feel to make it even more appealing to the commuter audience. To celebrate the new image, flash mobs appeared at Johannesburg's Park Station and Cape Town Station, amazing the crowds as they brought to life the offering's new tagline: We are the people of TRANSIT.TV™.

The digital network's new image is fresh, energetic, vibrant and inherently South African, providing an ideal canvas for marketers to spread their message. Accordingly, the content has been developed to be more in line with what keeps the commuter audience entertained and engaged, further enhancing the offering.

Commenting on the public launch, Jean Coetzee, GM Media Sales, Provantage Media Group says: "The energetic flash mobs gave commuters a real experience of the essence of the TRANSIT.TV™ brand and gave them the opportunity to connect with the brand. The dancers brought across the vibe, the vigour and the culture of the digital network in a way that was extremely engaging."

TRANSIT.TV™ has established itself as a key player in the local broadcasting and out of home media scene. The first year in operation has been extremely successful and exceeded expectations in terms of brand appeal and overall demand. In the one year that it has been flighting, TRANSIT.TV™ has made an enormous impact nationally with numerous brands taking advantage of the offering.

During the course of 2014, the network will be rolling out to more key commuter nodes and will reach well over 7 million economically active commuters monthly. Adding to the appeal of TRANSIT.TV™ for marketers is the fact that it is available at a fraction of the cost of traditional television and offers a captive audience, excellent frequency and creatively packaged content that is relevant and entertaining. Transit Track research, a collaboration between PMG and Millward Brown, has shown that most commuters shop within a 15-minutes' walk of a taxi rank or drop off zone, thus demonstrating that with TRANSIT.TV™ the power to influence shopping behaviour is high.

"Our Transit Track research has shown that TRANSIT.TV™ is a truly exceptional marketing tool that yields impressive returns. We'd like to invite the industry to meet with us and explore how the medium can take their products and services to new heights," continues Coetzee.

PMG looks forward to bringing commuters and advertisers another successful year of TRANSIT.TV™.

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