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DStv showcases Eastern Cape's budding film industry

The Eastern Cape film industry is currently being showcased in a thirteen-part series on BayTV (DStv channel 260), entitled Film@Bay, at 8pm on Saturdays, with repeat broadcasts at 10.30am on Sundays and 4pm on Mondays.
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Among the established filmmakers featured are award-winning film director David Lister and film producer André Scholtz. Other guests interviewed include Andrew Mackenzie, creative director at Boomtown Strategic Brand Agency; Richard Ahlfeldt, MD of Rooftop Productions; Mike Vincent of Jasmine Films; Paul Ruschenbaum, owner of 4x4 Adventure Videos; emerging television director, Siviwe Besman and Prof Jean Greyling and Dr Dieter Vogts of the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University.

The series also features short films produced by emerging filmmakers and provides filmmaking tips for those interested in entering the industry.

The show's executive producer is Denise Roodt, owner of The Media Workshop, a media production and training company based in Port Elizabeth.

Changing perceptions

"There are so many talented people doing great work in the Eastern Cape, but yet the national perception appears to be that nothing is going on here. I wanted to change that. The show features production companies producing award-winning work of an international standard - from commercials and promotional videos to documentaries and adventure sports programmes. We also highlight groundbreaking animation projects at the NMMU.

"But, for me, the short films produced by students and interns are the most inspiring. They prove that there is a wealth of talent in the Eastern Cape, who, with a bit of spit and polish, can produce work of a professional standard."

In keeping with its mission to include a skills training aspect in all productions, the show's core production team includes camera intern, Gqabi Njokweni and film production student, Loréan Swartbooi, as production assistant. The show's anchor, Busi Nako, is also a film production student.

"All our senior film students are involved in the production in some way or other. We believe in training by doing and the show serves as an excellent training vehicle," says Hubert Ngqawana, training and development manager at The Media Workshop.

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