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New adidas TVC

The new adidas commercial, directed by Velocity's Gregg Bailey for 140 BBDO, shows a sense of pride, belonging and community.
Bailey admits it was possibly the most exciting shoot he has been on in a long time. The main challenge was to film five soccer players in several locations - all in six hours.

Different locations

The success of the shoot boiled down to the teamwork of the crew, agency and client, who were on the same wavelength from the very beginning. In fact, Bailey takes his hat off to Ivan Johnson, ECD at 140 BBDO: "The team needed to split so we could get two setups ready in one hour and he was the first to put up his hand. He was the best dressed assistant grip I have ever had!"

Bailey's treatment was to shoot with a small crew on a tracking vehicle at locations within a 10 km radius. With minimal time to work with on set and in order to execute his vision for the finished product, his briefs to the soccer players were concise and exact.

Due to the limited time, the team chose to put most of the resources and research to the music and voice-over, which proved to be crucial for the job. This all fell into place during post-production, resulting in this little piece of magic for adidas.

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