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A+E Network's Crime and Investigation global rebrand 2014/Monarchy

Launched in South Africa on 5 March 2014, local viewers now also get to see the international rebrand done by award winning agency, Monarchy. With a strong new logo packing a solid punch of attitude and character, boldness is personified, passion reinvented and boundaries extended with a cinematic view on crime as never seen before.
Crime and Investigation (channel 170 on DSTV in South Africa), is the first global channel that has been dedicated to true crime stories. This global success story, which is now in 102 countries, 50+ million homes and has been a factual leader for seven years, is also still one of the stickiest pay TV channels available. All these countries (including Italy, UK, Poland, America, Asian markets and Australia) are now carrying the new look and it will continue to grow and evolve with new idents done as and when needed.

New York based A+E Networks approached Monarchy to evolve Crime and Investigation's much loved global identity. This was needed in an environment where there is intense competition that challenges the growth of the network and it needed to be set apart both in terms of its programming and the brand. After beating numerous international companies, the network jumped at the opportunity to work with the amazing global CI team, where the brutality of the criminal, the despair of the victim and the cunning of the authorities was brought out in the new evolved look of Crime and Investigation.

With the move to encompass a broadening genre that will include paranormal, mystery and conspiracy, medical investigation and current, topical events like scandals and local issues the brand grew into what it is today. With a great client that encouraged original ideas, the evolution of the brand was based on a concept the network donned "Converged Timelines", that would bring the criminal, victim and law enforcement into the same scene, that usually don't exist in the same time or space. Why? Because only on Crime and Investigation do you get to be this close to a crime scene and look through all the perspectives.

The treatment was based predominantly on live-action footage and cinematic macro photography that established the reality of the crimes that is on the channel, but was complimented with re-designed logos and an information language, which redefined the look on air. Viewers will see the incredible 3D logos and animated on-air design that gives a new exciting and adventurous high-end feel to the channel.

The finished re-brand launched in South Africa on 5 March with an intellectual and sophisticated look that translates on-air and on-line over five different continents, numerous languages and countless cultures.

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