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Last SAARF RAMS for 2012 released

The latest SAARF RAMS released yesterday, 4 December 2012, closes the year off quietly in the radio industry, with no significant changes for either the medium as a whole, or for individual radio stations.

Listening levels

Listening levels for radio in total remained unchanged over RAMS Oct 2012.
Listening levels are:
  • Seven-day listening - 89.0%
  • Average Monday to Friday - 68.7%
  • Saturday listening - 65.4%
  • Sunday listening - 65.1%

Time spent listening

Total time spent listening (TSL) per day is down by one minute. TSL is now 3h31 per day, and 24h36m per week.

Who's up, who's down?

There were no significant audience shifts, either over the previous RAMS release or over the year previous. There were also only a handful of significant demographic shifts. These were for:
  • Lesedi FM grew its audience in Bloemfontein across an average Monday-Friday.
  • Ligwalagwala FM lost listeners in cities and large towns across the week.
  • Thobela FM's Reef-based audience increased (past 7 days).
  • Trufm lost audience in East London (past 7 days).
RAMS Dec 12 provides the first audience figures for new Gauteng community station, Radio Veritas. The station's reach into the province is 0.1%, with an audience of 7 000 (based on large-urban data only).

The first RAMS release of 2013 will be in February.