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Radio DJ cleared of hate speech

A radio station has been cleared of hate speech after it was accused of reverse discrimination for a comment about "a young white lady".
In a recent ruling, the Broadcasting Complaints Commission found that SABC radio station Ikwekwezi FM had done no wrong when the presenter of its motivational show, Ragela Phambili, Imam Masango, uttered the words umfazinyana wekhuma (a young white lady) during a history talk.

Happy Shabangu, 26, of Pretoria, complained that the "demeaning" term amounted to hate speech.

Shabangu also complained that Masango took the view that blacks had suffered under white rulers and could not vote for any government other than a black one.

"We cannot live with people that do all they can to divide this nation and tell them that white people are bad and are not like any other people," Shabangu said.

The SABC argued that the reference to a young white woman was "made in the context of the Ndebele language and umfazinyana means a younger woman".

It denied that Masango had urged listeners not to vote for a "white party".

In ruling in favour of the SABC, the commission's deputy chairman, Brian Makeketa, sitting with four assessors, said Masango's comments "did not amount to incitement to cause harm".

Source: The Times, via I-Net Bridge


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Thabang Mtsweni
Ikwekwezi has forever preached unity, forgiveness and progressiveness among the youth and adults alike. The Ndebele language is only spoken by just over 2 million people and our language is under threat of extinction if no action is taken to develop it.I would advice the complainant Ms Shabangu to listen to other stations especially those that promote the Afrikaans language so that she can differentiate between separatism, protectionism and are aimed to divide people and thereafter start compiling her complaints.Ikwekwezi must ensure that we VOTE for people that will ensure that the Ndebele language, culture and heritage is protected and promoted. VIVA Imam....Good ruling by BCC
Posted on 5 May 2014 16:57