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Manufacturing Indaba 2018

Networking sessions from NAB offer valuable insights

'NAB Bites' are a semi-formal regular networking sessions from Newspaper Advertising Bureau (NAB), featuring political activists and commentators, academics, economists and business entrepreneurs that will share insights, experiences and offer valuable advice that will be useful to clients, partners and suppliers.
"Our most recent forum hosted Professor Adam Habib, vice-chancellor and principal of the University of the Witwatersrand and professor of political science, who discussed the current state of the nation, the economic and political challenges faced and the post election landscape," says John Bowles, NAB's joint MD.

Research survey

The second event on 9 July 2014, hosts TNS Research Surveys, with Neil Higgs digging deeper into the popular ROOTS survey and gathering useful insights beyond the initial launch findings.

"The survey is large and we've only unwrapped the tip of the iceberg in terms of the value, with Higgs' experience and knowledge, the audience is going to get some new perspectives on buyer behaviour across South Africa's urban landscape."

Buyers behaviour

Another session is the annual Ehrenburg Bass Institute (EBI) tour, scheduled for the beginning of September. "The EBI is known worldwide for its work in marketing research and how buyers behave.

The presentations are thought provoking, controversial and insightful. They challenge old school marketing and bring science to the marketing agenda to explain how marketing really works - it's something no marketer, agency or business leader can afford to miss."

In 18-19 November 2014, NAB will be at the World Retail Congress Africa at the Sandton Convention Centre, as insight partners.

Each forum is supplemented with Twitter chatter. Tweeters can use the hashtag #NABbites as the marker or for additional searches.