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The newly established Marketing Association has recently concluded a contract with Future Publishing that will see the Journal of Marketing serving as its official mouthpiece. The partnership will focus on delivering independent, unbiased and impartial industry news to the relevant communities that will most benefit from accessing this information.
Comments Future Publishing associate publisher, Ros Modlin, "The Journal of Marketing touches on the full spectrum of marketing issues - media, merchandising, packaging, point of sale, pricing, selling, PR, advertising, as well as strategic marketing. The objective is to offer marketing managers an in-depth look at all the pertinent components, a tool to make their work more effective.

"For this reason our partnership with the Marketing Association, as its official mouthpiece, is a natural progression in delivering pertinent, up-to-the-minute marketing communications to the local market,"

The Journal of Marketing is published on a bi-monthly basis and is distributed directly to marketing directors, marketing executives, advertising agencies and media owners, as well as being available through subscription.

Jeremy Maggs is acting editor on the Journal. The editorial board includes representatives and marketing experts from all nodes of the industry, including Chris Moerdyk, Jeremy Sampson, Tony Manning, Mike Perry, Dr Ivan May and others.

An anchor point for all marketers, stakeholders and related specialist bodies, the role of the association is to sustain and develop the credibility of marketing as a professional discipline through the implementation of credible standards and ethics by its members.

Says Enrico du Plessis, executive director of the Marketing Association, "The signing of a working agreement between Future Publishing's Journal of Marketing and the Marketing Association confirms a partnership of more than six-months in which both parties passionately supported the establishment of a credible Journal and the association for the benefit of the marketing community at large.

"I believe that this working relationship is sustainable in the long-term and will make a positive contribution to support business in its relevant area of expertise."

More of the same-
Same "experts", same editor (good old all-purpose Jeremy), same voice, same probable failure as the last marketing association. If you're going to create an industry body, at least make sure that it is representative of the industry, not just a few companies' interests.
Posted on 11 Jul 2006 09:56