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Afropolitan ties up with BMF

Afropolitan magazine and the Black Management Forum (BMF) have teamed up and one aim is to enhance the magazine's content; the magazine has also developed a new website to provide it with an online presence.
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“The Black Management Forum (BMF) and the Afropolitan are a perfect match,” says Afropolitan publisher Sean Press, commenting on the magazine becoming an official media partner to the BMF. “The magazine speaks directly to this market through thought-provoking business, lifestyle and cultural content.”

Readers can now also look forward to the addition of a dedicated BMF column that delves into industry insights, topical discussions and debates regarding local business. Together with strategic partner Kaya FM these three brands will strive to unite and inspire like-minded people.

New website

Its growing success has also prompted the development of a brand new website that aims to offer readers a fresh custom-made experience of the content. Apart from the online magazine, the site now also features hot news updates, Afropolitan Ambassadors and an archive of past editions. It incorporates flash elements, an improved navigation bar, Afro-World listings and prominent links to Facebook and other social networks.

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Miss PJ
white management, darkies at the bottom-
Once again we find a band of caucasians teaming up with one or two negroes under the Afropolitan banner...just like their media partner kaya fm. I have never been able to understand why magazines like this one pop up every other year, month, quarter, trying to tap into some non-existent African market, whilst kicking the real African (Negro) in the teeth! I am an African, I am black and I will not buy a magazine that so obviously seeks to capitalize on my market without understanding me and not taking the pain to represent me. It's my money, and I refuse to spend it on this fake publication that lies to me, about me and for me!!!! I would like the publisher to explain the rational behind his staff complement and I would like to know why they do not take the time to acquire real black African talent to express the vision behind their product offering... Afropolitan indeed! How would the caucasian population respond if I decided to publish a Europolitan magazine as an African black female and surround my editorial stable with other negroes like myself and then layer the bottom ranks of my publication with a few European caucasians?..... Actually, that's not a bad idea, I need to discuss this with my European caucasian fiance...
Posted on 18 Mar 2010 13:15
Nutty Dread
Wrong Fit-
Eish....this writer's shoes are atleast one size too small for her
Posted on 18 Mar 2010 16:17