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New magazine for Johannesburg city

Contact Media & Communications has announced the introduction of a new print and digital magazine, JoziBeat, available from the end of February 2010, and which will be free to the city's taxpaying residents, Johannesburg city suppliers, stakeholders and subsidiaries.
The magazine is said to be the first quarterly publication made especially to showcase the beauty, rich cultural diversity and economic powerhouse that is Joburg.

Sean Press, publisher and MD, says, “Johannesburg is a dynamic cosmopolitan city that is the economic and cultural hub of Africa. It only makes sense to have a publication reflecting, communicating and encouraging it and we are thrilled to be publishing it.”

Content ranges from business to services, infrastructure, information, lifestyle and the arts. It includes 5-star restaurants and local eateries, hidden city gems, theatre, markets, shopping centres, sport, cultural events and accommodation. The publishers believe that the timing is perfect with Johannesburg being the official host city for FIFA 2010.

The launch of a content-rich and directory-driven website will also ensure accessibility to the information. The magazine will reach a projected target market of enterprising people and future economic decision makers and advertisers can achieve a wide reach without compromising on quality.
so I assume i can write letters about non-existent service delivery to this magazine? Knowing How much it cost to produce a magazine - I'd far rather that cash be put towards fixing the numerous potholes etc
Posted on 12 Jan 2010 09:16
Not the first-
Just wondering if you are familiar with the magazine Joburg Style? The mag has been in circulation for 2 years now. It is a quarterly publication that focuses specifically on Joburg. I visit Joburg often and get the mag in the hotels, it is very interactive and a helpful guide to what is happening in the City. Is Jozi Beat a different concept?
Posted on 12 Jan 2010 13:27
Definately not the first-
I am a subscriber to a magzine called Joburg Style, so I am not sure what is different about Jozi Beat that is not similiar to Joburg Style? Jozi Beat will definately not be the first to showcase Joburg!!
Posted on 18 Jan 2010 11:23