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News for the boyz

Newsstands are crowded with successful magazines aimed at teenage girls, but there are few, if any, general interest magazines for teenage boys, and yet there are over 4.75 million young men in this demographic in South Africa. With this in mind, DevAd Publishing & Promotions is launching Boyz Only magazine, targeted at young men between the ages of 10 and 18.

Why for boys only?

Seven out of 10 teenage boys read magazines aimed at other markets, such as adult men's magazines which contain editorial not suitable for the younger generation. This translates into a potential 2.8 million readers in a demographic with a proven disproportionate influence on fashion and purchasing trends.

Behaviour and buying patterns make teen boys a unique group for marketers. There is currently no comparative publication; however, research shows that this target market is in dire need of a magazine that can entertain and educate them.

The Nielsen cross-media comparison found that teens in fact trust ads in magazines more than those on radio, TV or the internet. Research has shown that this definitely applies to teenage boys.

Some argue that the needs of teenage boys are already being met by men's magazines and specialty publications; however DevAd Publishing feels that the market is being served piecemeal and not generally in order to educate, inform and entertain young male South Africans, who feel that they are being neglected.

In order for a magazine aimed at this target market to be successful, it would require a high level of dedication to the demographic. DevAd Publishing believes that it has the background and experience to provide the magazine content as well as the staying power in this regard.

Research shows that teen boys have the same concerns and issues as teenage girls but no one is protecting, educating, uplifting and encouraging these young men. This is where Boyz Only aims to fill the gap.

The write stuff

The editorial in the publication will aim directly at the target market due to the fact that the editorial advisory team consists of young men in the targeted age group. With teen fads and interests changing almost daily, the team of young editors and advisors aim to ensure the magazine will always be up-to-date and fresh.

On the newsstands

The publication has been accepted by RNA Distribution for distribution from the very first issue.

The inaugural issue of Boyz Only will be on the stands from 15 September 2008 at Super Spar, Spar and Checkers outlets, CNA, Look ‘n Listen, Toys R Us, CD Warehouse stores and other outlets. Although the first issue distribution figure is 5000, DevAd Publishing envisage the sales figures growing to a realistic 45 000 by the sixth edition.
Gay title-
I wonder if the owners of this new magazine did their homework. Do they realize that the term "boyz" (spelt thus) is loaded with lavender undertones? In London, there's a gay free mad called "Boyz". The use of the "z" to pluralise the noun is common in gay slang. Oh dear! A bit of decent research might have gone a long way ...
Posted on 28 Jul 2008 18:11
Gay mag-
Is what I meant.
Posted on 28 Jul 2008 18:12
Not going to happen
Last a Year?-
I think that's being optimistic. Please observe an average male teenager these days - they would no sooner read a magazine AIMED AT THEM than fly to the moon. Of course they 'peer' at magazines aimed at an older target market, the pics are great. Come on guys, teenage boys do not read for fun. More appropriate would be a dedicated website. Please save your money
Posted on 29 Jul 2008 09:01
Competing Publisher
Like the title!-
I think the title is new and fresh and it's about time a mag came out for young males as they are totally neglected. It will work as long as people like the other few negative,(possibly envious?)people who commented stay out of the game and if advertisers actually support this market for once and not stand back and wait until the publisher runs themselves into the ground. Let's see which companies are up for the challenge to take something new on. Wish I had thought of this idea first. Oh yes...websites don't work for teenagers as they can't take copies to school etc. I have done my research on this.
Posted on 30 Jul 2008 15:45
Boyz aren't gay!
Oh please!-
Get a grip. I am gay and why do we always have to be labelled. We are normal people and don't have our own special language. Any mag with a sexy guy on the cover could then be seen as a gay mag so this would then apply to all the men's magazines then.
Posted on 30 Jul 2008 16:00
Boyz Rule!
My kids would want it-
I have a boy of 8 and 15 and they are both into the exact same things like music, gaming and cell phones. They do read my You magazine and buy Rampage magazine for teenagers and read it from cover to cover but they never ever go on the web. This publication will work. Also, is Lavender now a 'gay' color Janneman. Better tell my husband who just bought a mauve shirt!
Posted on 30 Jul 2008 16:06
Oh dear
I like lavender-
Browsing through and saw this. Think you are just trying to be petty and make a comment. Sounds good to me and my kids would like it and I would HAVE to buy it for them both and I hope it gives them some encouragement and life education. Aged 12 and 16. Why do people in SA always have to try to put everything down? This is why we have problems.
Posted on 30 Jul 2008 16:12
Much needed magazine - looking forward to the 1st issue!
Posted on 30 Jul 2008 16:14
Christopher Wiggill
Great concept !!-
I believe that the mag will be very well accepted and will be an instant success - it is a great idea !! My son and I are looking forward to the first issue !
Posted on 30 Jul 2008 21:20
Great Idea !!-
Looking forward to the mag !!
Posted on 30 Jul 2008 21:39
Great magazine-
Whatever to this person who noted BoyZ to be gay! Good grief, lighten up! Anyway, I think this mag will do great as teenage boys will find it interesting to read, look at and enjoy. Go for it Devad Publishing and may you be very successful for years to come!
Posted on 31 Jul 2008 03:35
Gay title-
Gwen, I'm not sure what you mean by "lighten up" in this context. I was simply making the point that it would help if people venturing into the magazine world in SA did their homework. There's nothing glum about my observation - in respect of which I might have to "lighten up" - that words have denotations and connotations, and that if you're going to choose a title for a magazine it might be worth investing half an hour in googling the word and seeing what comes up, so to speak.
Posted on 31 Jul 2008 06:24
It would be like choosing an arch-backed dolphin as logo for a girls' magazine. This is, of course, a well-known cypher for lesbianism, and if one were investing money in launching a magazine, you'd probably be sensible to avoid such suggestions. It's not a matter of imbuing "innocent" words or images with sexual content. It's simply taking seriously the ramifications of words, images and their meanings. Why must we as South Africans be so "affieplaas" and think that the ordinary rules of the media world don't apply here? That we must be all simple and second-language, accepting any old thing just because it's well-intentioned. I'm arguing now simply because obtuseness irks.
Posted on 31 Jul 2008 06:29
Devad Publishing
From DevAd Publishing-
Dear all - We thank you for your comments on our new publication. This being said, we are rather alarmed at the debate on homosexuality which has now taken over the input, which we do value. As publishers, the reason we choose the word 'Boyz' with a z was that we interviewed many young men in the target market. We asked for their input on title and logo and Boyz Only was a clear winner. Their input was that Boyz with a 'z' sounded stronger and more 'hip hop' and tied in with the way they would write it in a Graffiti context (our logo ties in with the graffiti idea). One will clearly see on our covers which target market the publication is aimed at - boys of whatever age. Further more, if one looks at the male teen culture you will find that the use of the word Boyz and the letter z is used very often as in the popular hip hop band Boyz In The Hood and Dragonball Z, as just two examples. The magazine is aimed at the young male target market, and our concept and our editorial is based on extensive interactive research and feedback in order to make it a success with our readers. Our main aim is to entertain, educate and guide the young men of our country, irrespective of colour, creed, or background. We would like to thank those who gave us positive comments on the publication.
Posted on 31 Jul 2008 09:47
Great idea-
Obviously a huge gap in the market, go for it
Posted on 1 Aug 2008 12:42
Point proven..-
Google Image Search for the term "boyz":
Posted on 4 Aug 2008 17:41
Makes one think
No - not really-
On the other hand if you merely go onto Google (and not images) and type in Boyz you will find only two gay publications and the rest are for Boyz 2 Men, Boyz in da Hood, Blind Boyz - all heavy rap stars etc. Are you gay guys who are constantly referring to the gay issue? Why? What are you trying to prove exactly? Stumbled upon this and as a gay guy it's rather embarrasing to see you trying to hard to prove a point. Oh well - small things amuse small minds.
Posted on 5 Aug 2008 09:24
Father of 2
No details-
I have been searching for contact details of Devad Promotions And Publishing - nothing. No website, no phone numbers, and no e-mail. The reason why I'm searching for them, is because I would like to subscribe to this magazine. Any idea if this is/will be available?
Posted on 23 Nov 2008 15:50
Mom of teen
I just picked up the second copy of Boyz Only for my teenage son at CNA and there is a subscription form in it. I must say that I immediately subscribed as the magazine is perfect and my son read it cover to cover (the first time I have seen him read in fact). Well done to the publishers. The editorial and design is fresh and I was delighted to subscribe for him. Excellent.
Posted on 16 Dec 2008 17:24
Subscription Department
Boyz Only is available at all CNA's and Spar's.-
Boyz Only magazine is onto it's third issue and available at all CNA's, Super Spar's and Spar's. To subscribe you can fill in the subscription form contained in every issue of the publication or contact 011 475-1536.
Posted on 16 Dec 2008 17:27
Boyz Only Rocks-
My nephew had this to say about Boyz Only - "Thank you for a magazine aimed at us 'boyz'. It is the first time I actually wanted to read a magazine and everything about it is awesome!". He is 14 and we live in Soweto.
Posted on 16 Dec 2008 17:30