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Cashless vending machines, suitable for canteens, tuck-shops

Ciro Beverage Solutions has introduced the MiZiP technology, a cashless management system for vending machines, based on an interface management system that allows businesses to create a pre-configured user ID or profile that is programmed to differentiate between products and prices, according to set classifications. A key card is allocated to a specific user, loaded with credits and a pre-defined selection of products is then made available to them.
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In schools, for example, pupils can use a key card with pre-loaded credits to purchase their food and beverages. They can be restricted from certain unhealthy food options, such as crisps and soft drinks, and instead only have access to sandwiches and fruit juices. Schools such as St Stithians and Summit College have taken up the technology and are offering the cashless system. An added benefit is that bullying at the tuck shop is eliminated, as the younger pupils will no longer carry cash.

In canteens, staff consumption can be restricted according to different product groups, while the number of servings per person can be controlled. For example, staff members can be limited to three hot beverages and/or two soft drinks per day, but have access to a limitless supply of bottled water.

This cashless technology allows businesses to maximise sales and optimise control through the interface management system, which has five different price categories to provide different levels of privileges for staff. It also limits products dispensed by product category and user ID. The key card can be re-credited, using the note reader or coin slot built into the vending machine. In addition, the technology allows for customised sales promotions, discounts and loyalty programmes.

The advantages of using a cashless system include 24/7 convenience, cash collection in advance for product sales throughput, a reduction in vandalism and coin theft, while minimising the risk of carrying cash at schools or in call centres where security can be compromised.

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