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State of digital media in South Africa

Experts describe digital marketing as an extension beyond internet marketing which includes channels that do not require the use of the internet. Digital marketing thus includes mobile phones (both SMS and MMS), social media marketing, display advertising, search engine marketing, and any other form of digital media.
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In a South African context, these methods have taken quite a leap over the past 5 years to gain traction and be of optimum business use. A new era of media consumption has already begun.

Now, that we as a country are here, or rather have undertaken huge strides to be we were are digitally, we can vouch for the efforts and changes that companies and brands drive business. Businesses have had to learn three approaches for growth and engagement: publishing on one’s own existing platforms, spreading information to the traditional channels and encouraging sharing by individuals.

Digital media in South Africa has seen the consumer be more involved in the brand. Thus, listening closely on what interests the consumer, creating a community and receiving feedback. A great example is Nando’s, a South African fast-food outlet.

Nando’s have successfully created an online community in which people can interact with the brand and each other with interaction tailored mostly to Twitter. They are quick to respond to tweets that will provide instant humour and attention. They are relevant and deliver the right message via the right medium at the right; a risky move that has paid off.

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By Amahle Madlala 5 Sep 2017

Nando’s has dramatically reduced its traditional marking spend and focused mostly on social and digital media. They are renowned for making use of satirical humour and sometimes sparking controversy. This has earned them second place in SA’s most trusted brands in 2016. (Source: Destiny Magazine Online).

This rating is indicative of the growing buying behaviour and response by South African consumers to digital media.

As a result of the implementation of digital media, South Africa will continue to rise to take its rightful place and begin to tell their unique South African story – easily going viral, therefore global.