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Work with Daddy.O... New co-working space for entrepreneurs in Cape Town

Daddy's World Group has launched a new co-working space for entrepreneurs in Woodstock's Old Biscuit Mill in Cape Town. Called Daddy.O, it offers an office hub with desks, café tables, lounge chairs and a boardroom to rent by the hour, day or month.
The design, by Haldane Martin, aims to provide a comfortable, productive working environment. (All images: Micky Hoyle)
A collaborative design effort between leading Cape Town designers Tracy Lynch, Haldane Martin, Kim Stern and Marco Simal, the space has been used by Virgin SA and Elle magazine for their off-site creative strategy sessions.

The simple but functional design approach is infused with schoolroom references; from the green chalkboard boardroom walls (which you can write on), the co-space's slogan Work Hard, Play Nice and the designer refresh on the old metal frame school desk.

Member benefits

You can hire the boardroom if you wish. (All images: Micky Hoyle)
Whilst all users get free local-roast coffee and a bundle of super-fast Wi-Fi; monthly members also gain a pack of value-adds, which include a yearly night at both Daddy Long Legs and Old Mac Daddy hotels, priority and discounts on events and a profile on the Daddy.O website. Users can also work with crowdfunding partner Thundafund to generate capital for new products and ideas.

Members also get 20% off all Daddy's Dragon's activities. This is the group's incubator and hosts courses and workshops to help entrepreneurs hone their business ideas, fine tune their marketing strategy and make lasting business connections. For projects with the right combination of vision, skills and commitment there is also an opportunity to incubate a business in partnership with the innovative founders and owners.

One of these work stations could be the place your own business was born. (All images: Micky Hoyle)
Co-founder, Jody Aufrichtig, says, "Business is our passion and, as a group, we have taken lots of risks, tried some crazy new things and learnt some important lessons - the most important one being that entrepreneurs need a network of support. With Daddy.O, we are not only providing a physical space to work in, we are also creating a place to bounce ideas, develop good business relationships and tap into the group's knowledge base. We want to build success - to fuel new businesses, create jobs and change our environment. We are very excited about sharing our advice and sharpening the talents of some brave new business leaders. For us work should be fun, otherwise what's the point in doing it?"


Hourly Rate: R 35 per hour
Daily Rate: R 150 per day
Monthly Rate: R 1750 per month
The boardroom is also available for hire

For more information, go to