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Geo-targeted mobile media platform reaches 20 million

Primedia Unlimited subsidiary, TLC Unlimited, has announced the launch of a new mobile geo-targeting advertising platform that enables advertisers to convey strategic and geographically focused SMS via an advanced database system that targets specific audiences based on cross-demographics such as location, age, gender and income.
TLC group MD Brett Tucker explains, "A mobile geo-targeting platform is able to pinpoint strategic advertising messages to individuals who precisely match an advertiser's target profile. The application also enables us to leverage the platform to encourage specific individuals to answer brand-related, research questions in real-time.

"For example, we are able to dispatch demographic-specific SMS, MMS, Video, PDF, slideshows to more than 20 million respondents nationwide. Even if only a small percentage of consumers reply, one is able generate massive consumer insight at half the cost of traditional research and in a matter of minutes. The return on investment is enormous, given that the messaging is so highly targeted, direct and measurable."

Audi trial

The first campaign to utilise the new offering was for Audi, to deliver a mobile call-to-action campaign. Stringent campaign criteria included that it took the form of a precise, three-day burst, with a specific focus on high earning female consumers who live within a 10km radius of the Sandton, Fourways or O R Tambo International Airport Audi dealerships.

The message sent was short, sharp, price specific, and resulted in one of the highest call to action campaigns, in terms of sold vehicles in the company's history.

Tucker says that the launch is yet another step in the company's journey towards filling in the gaps of its coverage of the entire consumer path to purchase.

"In recent months we've engaged in an expansion of our presence in LSM C malls and the launch of products such as our innovative new Fotoactiv app, Salon Media and Fashion Cam. These, combined with the results from our first dedicated Footcounter study, prove that out of home media is a highly measurable medium, capable of offering detailed stats to clients seeking clear proof of consumer engagement, on their media investment," he concludes.

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Elsie Zwennis (GEOTERRA IMAGE)
Very effective! Marketing has taken on a new face.Well done TLC-Media.
Posted on 18 Dec 2012 12:06