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Investment in agriculture helps tackle pressing SDGs

Apart from the sound investment case for investing in the global agriculture and food value chain, investments in agriculture address a number of critical SDGs by tackling issues such as extreme poverty, food security and lack of job opportunities...

1 day ago

Key insights into the global garlic market

In 2016, global garlic consumption stood at $18.1bn, +8% more than the year before. It is anticipated that the next nine year period will see an upward trend in garlic cultivation due to a number of factors...

1 day ago

Newly designated Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems

"GIAHS is also about innovation and opportunities, including broadening access to new markets and businesses such as eco-labelling, agri-tourism, youth empowerment to add value to our agricultural patrimony."

3 days ago

Clone tastings: Vititec puts experimental wines through their paces

"We produce between 50 and 60 experimental wines every year, all part of the clone evaluation process. The feedback from the tasters gives us a good indication of quality and consumer appeal. If the wine meets these requirements, we propagate these cultivars and clones and distribute it commercially."

3 days ago

Key challenges for Kenya in big push to reduce post-harvest losses

Kenya estimates that 20% of cereals are lost even before reaching the market. That's a high figure, particularly since it doesn't include food waste...

By Timothy Njagi Njeru, Priscilla Wainaina 20 Apr 2018

Desperate times for farmers as seasonal forecast indicates little rainfall

Farms are teetering on the brink of collapse as the drought in the Western and Eastern Cape tightens its grip...

20 Apr 2018

Papers to help improve labour safety in agriculture, forestry sectors

The back-breaking jobs in the agriculture and forestry sectors are some of the most dangerous. To reduce health risks, FAO has published two papers mapping ways to improve worker health and safety...

19 Apr 2018

Small-scale farmers should be at the centre of land reform in South Africa

Authorities must be alive to the fact that smaller-scale commercial farmers face different constraints and opportunities from those of large-scale, commercial farmers. It's critically important that planning and post-settlement support are appropriate to their needs and objectives...

By Ben Cousins 18 Apr 2018

Deciduous fruit associations SAAPPA, SASPA undergo name change

The South African Apple and Pear Producers' Association (SAAPPA) and the South African Stone Fruit Producers' Association (SASPA) have been renamed...

17 Apr 2018

Land reform, rural safety top of mind at Agri EC roadshow

During a recent roadshow, SA's organised agriculture has highlighted a progressive approach to land reform. Other issues such as the increasing incidents of farm attacks were also discussed...

16 Apr 2018

Proper water management key to viability of solar-powered irrigation systems

According to a new report, solar-powered irrigation is now an affordable solution to both commercial and small-scale farmers in developing countries, but adequate management and regulations to avoid the unsustainable use of water are needed...

13 Apr 2018

China's appetite for macadamias fuel SA industry

The demand for macadamia nuts in China is on the rise and has local farmers feeling optimistic. And for good reason...

12 Apr 2018

Next generation of growers visits Two-a-Day in Grabouw

As part of an outreach programme, Grade 11 learners from the Overberg High School's agriculture department, one of the few available in the Western Cape, visited Tru Cape's parent company, Two-a-Day...

12 Apr 2018

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