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Sweet n Dried founder Mercy Mwende at the processing factory with dried mangoes. (Image Supplied)
Ultra-modern fruit drying machine opens export markets for hundreds of Kenyan smallholder farmers

Over 500 smallholder farmers in Eastern Kenya have found ready market for their horticultural produce, thanks to an automated air drier

21 hours ago

sharonang via
Smallest wine grape harvest in a decade

The South African wine industry is bracing itself for what might be the smallest wine grape harvest in more than a decade. Drought, a shrinking area under vines and frost damage will have the greatest effect on the crop size...

2 days ago

AgriColleges international gets accredited
AgriColleges international gets accredited

The Agriculture Sector Education Training Authority, AgriSeta, has granted online agriculture education platform, AgriColleges international, accreditation as an education and training provider in agriculture...

3 hours ago

Comanche0 via
Pomegranate PhDs: Research into the super fruit's quality, packaging and shelf life

Dr Arendse and Dr Belay have received their PhDs for research on pomegranates - including a non-destructive quality control method and optimal packaging conditions to extend the fruit's shelf life...

3 days ago

Dr. Nkululeko Nyangiwe. Image: Sonja Matthee
Dr Nyangiwe's doctoral studies shed light on distribution and ecology of ticks

Dr Nyangiwe has been studying the ecology of ticks that are of economic importance to cattle farmers. In his latest paper, he sets out how the alien pantropical blue tick has slowly but surely expanded its range across South Africa...

7 Dec 2017

New programme to address modern slavery in SA's wine and fruit industries
New programme to address modern slavery in SA's wine and fruit industries

Stronger Together, WIETA and SIZA have launched a new programme to help South Africa's wine and fruit growing businesses address forced labour and hidden labour exploitation...

5 Dec 2017

Image Source:
New wine brand makes its mark on SA wine market

The South African wine market is saturated with thousands of brands, so launching a new wine might be risky - but for Orange River Cellars, where there is a will, there is a way...

29 Nov 2017

Diners Club 2017 Winemaker of the Year Christiaan Groenewald (Eagle's Cliff Wines) and Young Winemaker of the Year Wade Roger-Lund (Jordan Estate) with their trophies.
Winners of 2017 Diners Club Winemaker of the Year announced

The winners of the 2017 Diners Club Winemaker and Young Winemaker of the Year Awards have been announced...

28 Nov 2017

Villa and Monash SA join hands for instructional reform
Villa and Monash SA join hands for instructional reform

A partnership between agricultural company, Villa, and academic institution, Monash South Africa promises to lend a new face to agricultural higher education in South Africa...

By Lynette Louw 24 Nov 2017

Big.H via
Tobacco hurts more than just your lungs - it damages the communities that grow it

Tobacco impacts the health and well-being of the people who grow it and the environment where it is grown, often with devastating consequences. So why do farmers grow tobacco?

By Eleanor Jew 23 Nov 2017

SA entomopathogenic nematodes effectively kill fungus gnat pests
SA entomopathogenic nematodes effectively kill fungus gnat pests

Fungus gnats are serious pests in South Africa's undercover farming, often harming production of various crops...

17 Nov 2017

IAEA Imagebank via
High-tech tracker to battle ancient wheat plague

The tracking technology used to halt the deadly Ebola and Zika viruses could now be turned against wheat rust as scientists try new ways to stop the fungus devastating world grain crops...

By Thin Lei Win 17 Nov 2017

Agricultural Writers SA awards top farmers, new entrants and agriculturists
Agricultural Writers SA awards top farmers, new entrants and agriculturists

Aiming to give prominence to the work that farmers and agriculturists do in South African agriculture, the Agricultural Writers SA recently hosted awards to honour...

16 Nov 2017

Insect mass-rearing workshop held in SA
Insect mass-rearing workshop held in SA

Just as cattle, fish and other livestock are reared in large numbers for meat or dairy production, so too insects are reared for various purposes...

16 Nov 2017

Silberfuchs via
How barcoding is helping South Africa track its precious pollinators

Pollinators are the unsung heroes of food production and some indigenous pollinators are under threat...

By Dirk Swanevelder, Annemarie Gous, Connal D. Eardle 15 Nov 2017

Elijah Langat, passion fruit farmer (Image Supplied)
Reviving passion fruit production in Kenya

Kenya exported passion fruit in the 90s and early 2000s, however, due to pest management challenges, the country has seen a decline in the production of the highly profitable crop...

14 Nov 2017

Kate HoltAusAID via
New online Climate-Smart Agriculture Sourcebook to help steer food systems in sustainable direction

Climate-smart agriculture is one of the approaches to steer the needed transformation in the world's agriculture and food systems in ways that are both productive and sustainable...

13 Nov 2017

Agriculture training in South Africa badly needs an overhaul. Here are some ideas
Agriculture training in South Africa badly needs an overhaul. Here are some ideas

The current system of managing education and training is fragmented and in dire need of substantial reform. Responsibility for agricultural education and training is split between...

By Frans Swanepoel 9 Nov 2017

Image Supplied ()
It's time we accelerate closer collaboration between private sector and beneficiaries to enable successful land reform

The future and sustainability of the private sector are dependent on the manner in which the land question will be addressed, and the issue of land must be navigated with the utmost caution...

By Peter Setou 8 Nov 2017

Alexandre Schmitt
SA Shiraz industry to benefit from workshop with olfaction guru Alexandre Schmitt

During the next SA Shiraz workshop, South Africa's makers, tasters and growers of Shiraz will benefit from the experience of Alexandre Schmitt, an internationally renowned guru on olfaction...

7 Nov 2017

Neil Palmer (CIAT) via
Africa pushes for gains on genetic materials

The increasing number of hungry people, coupled with the climate-linked extinction of crops and livestock varieties has seen the world exploring alternative genetic materials...

By Johnson Kanamugire 6 Nov 2017

2017 Diners Club Young Winemaker of the Year Finalists: Left to right: Charl Schoeman (Simonsig), Philip Viljoen (Bon Courage), Murray Barlow (Rustenberg), Wade Roger-Lund (Jordan)
Meet the Diners Club Winemaker and Young Winemaker of the Year 2017 finalists

Five winemakers have been shortlisted to compete for the Diners Club Winemaker of the Year award while four will battle for the Young Winemaker of the Year title...

3 Nov 2017

stevepb via
EC food prices rise: Farmers at breaking point

Eastern Cape farmers are facing extreme circumstances. Cash flows are exhausted, dams are empty and livestock losses can lead to further increase in meat prices...

3 Nov 2017

17 counties set to revive pyrethrum farming

17 pyrethrum growing counties are working on forming an economic bloc in an effort to revive the collapsed industry...

By Waikwa Maina and Francis Mureithi 3 Nov 2017

Alandmanson via
Land audit providing facts needed for sound, sustainable policy formulation

"Sound, sustainable policy formulation must be based on facts. This land audit now provides these facts. Further research will be conducted to determine which types of land reform projects are sustainable and which types fail."

2 Nov 2017

Image Source: . Photo: Leon Lestrade
City's food basket faces uncertain future

The Philippi Horticultural Area Food and Farming Campaign have taken the City's rezoning decision for judicial review...

By Mary-Anne Gontsana 30 Oct 2017

Ben_Kerckx via
From waste to healthy soils: Why composting is the green thing to do

In South Africa, organic waste - perfectly compostable material - is one of the highest waste contributors to overflowing landfills, the largest source of methane gas...

27 Oct 2017

Christo, Etienne and Yvonne Le Riche
21 years dedicated to producing the definitive expression of Stellenbosch Cabernet Sauvignon

Etienne Le Riche has made Cabernet Sauvignon his life's work and his signature Stellenbosch Cabernet developed a deserved and enviable cult following...

27 Oct 2017

Agriculture sector expects job-loss bloodbath, with 50,000 possibly out of work
Agriculture sector expects job-loss bloodbath, with 50,000 possibly out of work

The Western Cape is facing a jobs bloodbath as 50,000 workers in the agriculture sector might get the sack due to the drought...

By Aphiwe Deklerk 26 Oct 2017

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