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New research: How employee emotions' impact on customer experience

The latest Ask Afrika Orange Index provides customer service trends based on 13 years of data, across 32 industries and 155 companies...

4 Mar 2015 08:05

ZipZap keeps businesses tills ringing during load shedding

A mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) solution, ZipZap from Paycorp, allows retailers to continue operating during load shedding, using a Bluetooth connection to a tablet or smartphone, a separate and secure ZipZap reader and a free app...

24 Feb 2015 09:50

Africa Business App launched by KPMG

A new Africa Business App has been launched by the KPMG Global Africa Practice. It will provide businesses and investors with seamless access to the very latest Africa information about doing business across the continent...

17 Feb 2015 11:32

Malls and airports mapped by apps

Finding the slow lounge at Africa's busiest airport no longer requires help from the information desk...

16 Feb 2015 15:18

[Biz Takeouts Podcast] 122: In studio with the World Wide Web Foundation

On the last Biz Takeouts Marketing and Media Radio show, host Warren Harding interviewed Dillon Mann, Philipp Hartmann and Theunis Hanekom...

16 Feb 2015 08:28

M4JAM extends its offerings

M4JAM (Money for Jam), which provides brands, businesses and NGOs with unbiased, real-time data insights from customers across South Africa, has added a new 'Earn' button that makes it easier for brands to engage and jobbers to complete jobs...

12 Feb 2015 10:10

Simply super-easy returns system

Many have experienced the inconveniences of sitting with an item that will never be used and are unaware that there are options to return or exchange items bought online. has the solution...

9 Feb 2015 11:34

A can do website will grow township kasi parties

A new interactive website, CANnect, launched by Nampak Bevcan's consumer facing brand CAN DO!, is set to revolutionise the way township outlets do business...

4 Feb 2015 13:34

Fuel-saving app from TouchFoundry

TouchFoundry has launched 'FillApp', a smart, free app that will save South African consumers money, as it calculates whether they should fill their car before or after fuel price changes...

30 Jan 2015 14:02

Bearing the load-shedding as an SMME

Given that Eskom has confirmed that the electricity supply is likely to remain constrained, SMMEs are concerned about the overall impact of limited power supply on business sustainability...

22 Jan 2015 11:53

[Trends 2015] TREND: The experience brand

From 'Me' brands, to category collapse in the retail sector, mindful business and new definitions of power; and design-led experiential public spaces - JWTIntelligence has produced a superlative vision of current consumer culture and expectations in 2015...

20 Jan 2015 08:10

[Trends 2015] Avoiding 'Infobesity' and harnessing opportunity

When asked if I have a crystal ball, my response would be: "No, it's just the way I walk." Predictions may not make us walk funny, but we certainly need to know where we're going...

By Sid Peimer 20 Jan 2015 08:00

Six steps to protect your online store from credit card fraud

Card fraud is rampant in South Africa, and growing at an alarming rate. This year, losses due to credit card fraud have increased by 23% to R453.9 million...

By Donovan Marais 15 Jan 2015 12:52

Mobile shopping development leaps ahead with new Accolades system

The Nedbank Accolades system, powered by beacon and smartphone app technology, is a mobile platform that connects the retailer to the customer through proximity-based services...

14 Jan 2015 11:27

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