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Seamless data integration key in differentiating e-commerce customer experience

Online spend is forecasted to grow to over R53bn by 2018 according to the PayPal and Ipsos third annual cross-border commerce report...

By Kerry Hope 2 days ago

Checkers Little Shop adds an AR app

Checkers has added a specially developed augmented reality app to its second collection of Little Shop mini products...

2 days ago

Senegal's corner shops go digital to track trade

Corner shops, markets and street traders are still the traditional way most Senegalese do their shopping, but micro-businesses are turning to digital means of tracking clients...

19 Jun 2017

Tech innovation ushering in new era of retail in South Africa

Already, South African retailers and shopping centres have openly embraced the technological boom but more is on the cards...

15 Jun 2017

How beacon technology delivers a truly data-driven customer experience

You know what shoppers are doing online - but do you know what they are doing in-store? Consumers are increasingly using digital technology...

By Colleen Rose 14 Jun 2017

#FreshOnTheShelf: Touch Cardio the latest addition to TomTom wearables

The TomTom Touch Cardio is the new addition to the company's range of popular wearables...

13 Jun 2017

From harvesting fungi from the body to hormone-infused cocktails, are these the products of the future?

Stories, both books and film, have a way of predicting the future - from The Simpsons predicting Donald Trump's presidency to I, Robot's driverless cars...

13 Jun 2017

Futurist Graeme Codrington on leading in a changing world

Futurist, strategist, author and academic, Graeme Codrington, addressed the Western Cape Chapter of the SACSC...

13 Jun 2017

For next-gen digital retail, think security first

South African retailers have long lagged their counterparts in the U.S. and Europe in terms of embracing new digital channels to improve business operations and marketing...

By Morag Saunders 13 Jun 2017

Spree launches image search, similar style shopping app feature

Spree has launched an image search or similar style shopping app feature that identifies clothing or footwear seen in photos and images and finds users something similar...

9 Jun 2017

Waste to Food: PnP cutting down on food waste through innovative project

Food waste costs the South African economy more than R61 billion annually. A sustainable solution has been developed in the form of Waste to Food, an innovative business process that converts excess organic waste into...

8 Jun 2017

Blockchain seen as tool in food safety

The food industry is turning to the same technology used by virtual currencies to strengthen food safety and inventory management by tracking meats and crops...

6 Jun 2017

New program has Wal-Mart workers making home deliveries

Want something from Wal-Mart? Employees may soon bring it right to your doorstep...

6 Jun 2017

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China, Hong Kong top hubs for fake goods: Europol

China and Hong Kong are overwhelmingly the largest shipment centres for fake goods sold around the world, in a growing, complex battle against sophisticated counterfeiters, Europe's police agency said Thursday.

2 days ago

Woolies faces fight on many fronts

Shares in Woolworths, once regarded as a recession-proof retailer, are trading close to three-year lows as the company finds itself stuck between SA's stalling economy, the cash-guzzling turnaround of its David Jones acquisition in Australia and an impending competitive onslaught from Shoprite, which is moving up-market.

By Giulietta Talevi 3 days ago

South African designers showcase their wares in Paris

Forty-two South African designers are currently exhibiting their artisanal goods at the renowned BHV/Marais in Paris, a department store of the group of Galeries Lafayette that attracts over 60,000 visitors daily. The exhibition, which runs until 31 July 2017, showcases South Africa's creative energy and its international design and cultural capitals: Johannesburg and Cape Town.

3 days ago

Retailers set to lose billions as card-not-present fraud rises

Retailers stand to lose $71 billion globally from fraudulent CNP (Card-Not-Present) transactions over the next five years, according to new data from Juniper Research. The data found that a number of factors, such as the USA's shift to EMV cards, delays in 3DS 2.0 (3D-Secure) and click-and-collect fraud were key drivers behind the rise.

21 Jun 2017

AGT Foods CEO scoops EY World Entrepreneur of the Year 2017 title

President and CEO of AGT Foods, Murad Al-Katib, was picked from 59 individuals representing 49 countries and named EY World Entrepreneur of the Year 2017. He was chosen not only for his success in building a business empire focused on providing vegetable protein to the developing world, but also for helping to feed refugees.

20 Jun 2017

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