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Kenya's Twiga Foods partners IBM for blockchain-based microfinancing

Kenyan agri-tech startup Twiga Foods has partnered IBM Research to extend access to microloans to 220 food stall retailers across Kenya using a blockchain-based financing system...

By Tom Jackson 2 days ago

The role of mobile in building brand loyalty

With falling consumer confidence and a slow economic growth outlook, brands are intensifying the fight for consumer loyalty...

By Nicholas Bednall 16 Apr 2018

Parcels delivered within two hours could be the norm by 2028

In response to today's online-buying, smartphone-wielding consumer that expects a seamless, faster purchasing journey, 78% of logistics companies expect to provide same-day delivery by 2023...

12 Apr 2018

Kenya's MoBar Delivery brings alcohol to your door

Kenyan startup MoBar Delivery is connecting consumers with suppliers via couriers using a mobile app, streamlining and simplifying distribution of goods, starting with alcohol...

By Tom Jackson 12 Apr 2018

Location and voice technology are the future of retail

Retailers, struggling to connect with their customers, have been trialling new technologies to blend in-store and digital experiences...

By Gary Mortimer and Louise Grimmer 11 Apr 2018

Mobile and social are dominant forces in SA retail

Virtual shopping is becoming the norm. Using our mobile devices to window shop and find the best price, product reviews, and advice through social media has reinvented the shopping experience...

By Kerry Hope 6 Apr 2018

How China is rebooting retail

The story of shops closing and the decline of retail has become a familiar one across the Western world. Giants such as Walmart and Macy's in the US, and Marks and Spencer in the UK have been forced to close stores...

By Michael Wade and Jialu Shan 6 Apr 2018

Mobile culture fertile ground for online retail growth

South Africa has a population 56 million, but the number of cellphones in the country exceeds the number. 22.5 million of these mobile owners are online users and many of them shop online using their cellphones...

5 Apr 2018

The role of EFT payments in enhancing online retail revenue

According to Effective Measure's 2017 E-commerce Industry Report, 54% of South Africans have not yet shopped online. Just like consumers who already shop online, shoppers sticking to in-store retailers say that a payment method they can trust would encourage them to shop online...

4 Apr 2018

Should lab-grown meat be labelled as meat when it's available for sale?

The influx of investment into lab-grown meats and the projected price drop have buttressed claims that synthetic meat products will be on sale within three years. Growing meat is a very different process from breeding and slaughtering animals...

By Hope Johnson 3 Apr 2018

How innovation can contribute to food and nutrition security

"We hope to produce so-called smart foods with extra health benefits that are safe, marketable, affordable, ready to eat and trendsetting."

By Mologadi Makwela 3 Apr 2018

Zando launches zero-rated shopping for Vodacom subscribers

Online fashion retailer Zando has initiated zero-rate data for both contract and prepaid Vodacom subscribers in SA. This means that all Vodacom users can browse and transact on Zando's app and mobile website and no longer pay for data...

29 Mar 2018

Impact of VAT increase on point-of-sale developers

A lot has been written about the impact of the looming VAT increase on the ordinary South African, but not so much on how this will affect technology vendors, particularly point-of-sale developers...

27 Mar 2018

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